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Asymetrical hairstyle for 2015?

The 2014 hair trends are fading with Autumn and the end of year fast approaching. The question is: “what will be the trend in 2015″? How can you have a haircut that accentuates your personality and make you stand out in the Leigh-on-Sea crowd? 285 more words

Dry morning

Thanks for all the likes and sweet comments on my last post! It gave me more confident with the eyelashes <3

I went to bed directly after a shower yesterday. 67 more words

Day 9 - Ready for Shot #2

Was told I sounded slightly different over the phone. Yay!

I’m ready for my 2nd shot … feel like I’ve peaked and leveled out a bit. 7 more words


Ma hairdresser

I’ve always wanted those hairdresser’s scissors. For years, I stared at them in Boots, admiring their specific hairdresser-y shape and that hook thing they have on the top, but I never bought them because I had no need for them, even though I sort of did because for a while there, I had a fringe. 483 more words


Oh my god I'm bald! And other observations.

We had a jam-packed weekend. Friday night I had dinner and a movie with my friend Jackie. I had it all planned out, she’d arrive, the fish cakes were all ready to eat, I’d quickly feed and bath Little Man and tuck him in for the night, we’d order Steers chips and settle down in front of a DVD of Emma for the evening with hot chocolate and marshmallows. 426 more words


A mountain, home and less hair

Spying Mt Taranaki out the plane window.
Getting home after a week away.
A haircut. A joint haircut in fact.

Post 15/250: New Haircut

Do you ever get that feeling where you need to change something? Something you can control because everything else seems a bit out of reach, or not exactly falling into the places you expected? 87 more words