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Pixie in the Box

I’ve been looking at short haircuts on Pinterest for months.

That’s how I do things.

I agonize over decisions, whether it’s a haircut or a weekend road trip. 536 more words


T for Three, or You're never too young to breakdance


Timothy celebrated his third birthday this weekend in a small private ceremony surrounded by family and friends.  It’s hard to believe that the little amigo is already three, though he’s generously agreed to ease our transition by extending the behavior of the terrible two’s for a few more months. 637 more words



When it comes to my hair, I have never been one to experiment. For the past three years, it has remained pretty much the same, falling about mid-shoulder blade and thinned out with a few layers here and there. 387 more words

Beauty File

Across the Great Wide Open

(A trip to the eastern Dakotas, summer of 2014)

When I set my goals of doing various activities in all 50 states, I knew the most mileage-intensive trip would involve North and South Dakota. 1,429 more words


Ego and Haircut

I get my hair cut about once a semester and my hair grows fast so I go through this process twice a year: my hair grows so long that it becomes inconvenient, I travel to a place where they cut hair, and the person who cuts my hair expresses shock when I say that I just want it to be “short.” 357 more words


Drastic cuts.

A few months ago I made the decision to donate a large amount of my hair to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that creates and distributes wigs to little girls suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment. 606 more words


Vanity in vain

You close your eyes as the blades come together. It is at this point you send a silent prayer to whichever ancestor first introduced the genetic material that gave you curly hair. 678 more words