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Whenever my fringe gets cut too short, I look in the mirror and remind myself, I’m in good company.


It’s A Cut.

Going back in time & getting a 1920/1930's inspired haircut

Tomorrow is almost Thanksgiving, so I decided to get a buzz. I got a undercut… 136 more words


Awesome Hair Product For Damaged Hair #2

This is another product I was given when I got my hair extensions. It is a repair conditioner, basically. After you shampoo and rinse your hair, you put this in and it says to let it sit for a couple of minutes but I let it sit for as long as I can. 76 more words


Last week in pictures

Ok, so I don’t normally like using selfies as a word in general – we’ve been taking photos like this since smartphones got cameras and they were never always called that! 373 more words


Haircut Inspiration - Natural messy please

So I have been thinking for a while now that it’s about time I got some of my hair chopped off… Therefor I’ll share some haircuts that I like with you. 152 more words


The Dreaded Annual Haircut

For me, getting a hair cut is like going to the dentist. I’ll put it off and put it off, and it’s only when dire need arises (I get a toothache/start to look like the girl from The Grudge) that I’ll schedule an appointment. 572 more words

Finding a barber

Finding a barber who understands you is as important as finding a good tailor. Besides your clothes, people make judgements about you from your hairstyle. That may sound unfair, but that’s the reality. 249 more words