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New cut and 'do

It’s been a while since I had a haircut! My hair grew halfway down my back before I finally decided to get one. I recently met a girl less than a year ago and this is the second time she had cut my hair. 121 more words


The trick to growing long healthy hair

So you’re trying to grow your hair out? Forget the myths and superstitions of cutting your hair on a Sunday or pouring water from a running brook the answer is simple. 88 more words

My Easter Break!

I rarely go home and when I do it’s normally for no longer than a couple of days. So when Easter came around and I had the opportunity to be back in sunny Macclesfield for 4 whole days, I was ecstatic! 533 more words

3 weeks and now its Max's turn

Its been three weeks since my participation in #36rabbis Shave for the Brave with the St. Baldricks Foundation.  My hair is growing back quickly – more quickly than I thought it would. 113 more words

Queer girl beauty problems

“How much does it cost you just for a haircut?” Is what I tend to ask everyone at some point. I now pay $45 just for a cut- and my hair is pretty simple. 612 more words

Color Me Red at ReNew Salon & Spa

Enough can’t be said about redheads!  They are exciting and different and there as many colors of red hair as their are leaves in the fall or flowers in the spring!   151 more words