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How Dirty Can I Make This Sound?

I’m bangable. I’m bangin’. I”m bangarangin’.

I’ve got bangs! I went to the salon after work and had my amazing stylist trim up some full, heavy fringe for me. 128 more words


This Is What We do - and boy do they do it well.

Tired of those boring looking white salons filled with numbing voices drilling into your ears whilst having your hair cut? Looking for somewhere different where you can relax and have those dead ends chopped away? 520 more words


Waiting at the spa to get my haircut(10-23-14)

Dear reader I am currently writing this on my phone with my 4G while at the spa in the casino waiting to haircut


Wait for it… 37 more words


Introvert and a Barber

I’d always wanted to find a barber that I could use exclusively that didn’t pretend to care about my daily errands, or what my children ate for breakfast. 208 more words


Pain & Aversion | Part 1

I went to school with a kid who was so acutely averse to pain, he had to go under general anaesthetic before getting his hair cut.


Where to get free haircuts in Melbourne

Freshly cut hair with its well- defined layers and playful bounce is my ticket to wearing track pants everywhere and still looking damn fine.

My hair is a temperamental wavy that turns curly in humid conditions, and straightens out in hot and dry conditions. 269 more words

Live Well, Spend Less

What Beyonce's #BabyBangs Have Reminded Me

With a few short snips Beyoncé set the internet on fire.  The way she was trending you would have thought she cured cancer, or Ebola.  No, she just had bangs cut.Really, really, REALLY short bangs.  482 more words