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Day 11: What it Means When A Woman Cuts Her Hair

The past few days I’ve been annoyed by my hair.  It gets pinned between the diaper bag strap and my shoulder, it gets snagged in the seat belt mechanism, the wind whips it in my face when I go out.  630 more words


Sara Evans cut her long hair short and it looks amazing!

Sara Evans recently cut her long hair short and it looks amazing! She posted this photo on Instagram…

Evans has also released a new Christmas album that you can buy when you click on the banner below!

Country Music News

In Defense of Short Hair

I recently read an interesting post in which the author asked what was more attractive on women: long hair or short hair. An overwhelming amount of users responded that “long wins, there’s no competition” or “that it depends, but usually long.” Have these people never seen Jennifer Lawrence? 431 more words


Boy's First Haircut

One of my favorite kid photos: A messy, tearful first haircut!

Sonder Photography: El Paso Portrait Photography 7 more words

WEEKLY DIARY - First in the Roll

Last week I thought of posting a week roll on every Saturday or Sunday! :) I have had a very busy week and wasn’t able to post anything for you guys. 508 more words


Haircuts; a little spiel

So a couple of days ago I went to the hairdressers to get my bob trimmed. It ended up being a lot shorter than i was going for but I think I like it better this way. 297 more words


The bald egg incident

For a few months now I have been so very tired and now I know why. I have had the dreaded GF! No, no not Gluten Free….. 552 more words