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First Haircut

Earlier this week, we took our son to get his first haircut. It was getting long in the back and started to curl, and we wanted him to look nice for Christmas. 112 more words



The waves sailed onto the beach and she watched the sea mist roll from the bay. Everyday without fail she was mesmerised by this scene. Even in late April the town seemed to disguise itself as if it were a bright winter day. 947 more words

Creative Writing

Puppy's barbershop, Cuba

“Puppy’s Barbershop:You’re ugly when you arrive, but you’re handsome when you leave.”


My eyes wandered from the handmade sign, past photos of a younger Puppy, along the fuchsia bicycle with a handmade child seat on the crossbar, to the 1950s barber’s chair where a young macho was having his coif maintained by the patient Puppy of signage fame. 500 more words


Day 95: No sleep, bad presentation, but finally got a haircut. 金曜日・2014年12月19日

I didn’t end up sleeping at all last night. The time as I begin writing this is currently 8pm, so I’ll have a nice sensible early night tonight before I go out tomorrow. 1,030 more words


Back in the chair

I gave up long ago on the notion that I could fool anyone into thinking I had a head of hair.

It started thinning on top while I was still in college, which I suppose I always knew was a possibility because my dad’s hair had been thinning since I was a kid but he’d maintained a solid widow’s peak that only looked silly when he tried to make it look fuller than it was (good God, why didn’t anyone talk him out of the perm idea in the 80s)? 900 more words