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Day 18

Nothing beats the feeling of a good hair cut! Recently I had my hair chopped to my shoulders, I’ve always had really long hair so felt like I needed a change. 157 more words

A weekend of pampering

Last week I drove home to spend a few days with the family (minus the bro) over Easter. I’m pleased with myself that I managed the 220 mile trip successfully, a far cry from a couple of years ago when I was pretty scared to drive anywhere! 573 more words


The Haircut

It’s a fact of life that girls pay on average 10 times more for a haircut that boys do. It doesn’t seem fair but there are a few differences that might explain it.   1,119 more words


VINYLUX: The answer to my nail polish prayers

Every since I started doing hair my poor nails have suffered the consequences. My nail polish just chips off in less than 24 hours because I’m in constant water. 319 more words


Day 2 - living life on the edge

My alarm goes off 10am for my hair appointment though I had seemed to have an 11am appointment when in reality it was 9:30am.  This was crucial that I get my hair done considering I haven’t done it in 4 months and it sounds bad already,  imagine a dyed blonde with a natural colour of dark brown – understand?   367 more words

Socially Awkward Becka strikes again!

I am not the kind of person who enjoys spontaneous social interaction; phone me up when I’m not expecting a call and I will be seriously considering letting it go to voicemail to avoid actually having to talk to a human (texting is much less stressful :p ). 721 more words