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The fabled decent hairdresser!

Just been reminded about some of the hairdressers I have been to over the years – and some have been a nightmare!

In Dublin, I had the last appointment of the day with the style director of one salon, who kept disappearing during the cut to deal with phone calls, ringing up the till – in fact everything but concentrating on me! 324 more words


My hair has been raped

And by that, I mean it now resembles the early days of Ginger Spice. My natural strawberry blonde has been replaced with a hideous red, with streaks of blonde and brown. 325 more words

Bad Hair


Anastasia’s Attik specialises in hair extensions and gorgeous nails, but what other expert services does this mobile hair and beauty salon have to offer? Customers will be made up, quite literally! 142 more words

Anastasia's Attik

Who are We?

By Ward - Approximate reading time: 3 minutes

Often startups take a while to launch their product into the open, however they still want to inform people, gain traction to the idea and directly talk to the people interested in them. 676 more words


Dry Cleansing and Instant Style Renewal - Brampton Hair Salons

For a split-second style refresher use KMS Makeover Spray. It absorbs oil and builds bulk to refresh limp or day-old styles. Great for quick style touch-ups and in-between shampoos. 42 more words

Top Hair Salon In Brampton

5 Important Lessons a Girl Learns at the Hairdressers

I recently went to have my haircut in a French hairdressers. It hadn’t occurred to me before quite what I was doing, although it hit me full in the face when the boy I was au pairing with ended up looking like a chavvy footballer-wannabe from the 90s. 850 more words

Laughter in the kitchen

My wife told me she’d done the sides and wanted me to do the back: she was referring to trimming her hair.

Certainly, mon petit chou, I said, assuming one of my several roles, on this occasion, Bernard of Bordeaux. 218 more words