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Strange recurrences

I’ve been on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t been updating somewhat regularly. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve been on vacation from my men! 204 more words

Do You Raw Diet, Wet Food, Kibble, Or A Combination?

Mom did a lot of research before she was blessed with my presence :-) She wanted to make sure she fed me the best food for me, as well as what she needed in order to keep my skin clean, ears cleaned, and nails trimmed. 277 more words

My New Food Mat!

Mom should have gotten a couple of these. My furry brother Spice and I are quite the messy eaters!

Am I Fierce, or What? !

Mom is sure lucky I cannot use a camera…I wonder how she would like pictures of her all over the internet! But, how can she resist my charms and personality, right? 8 more words

This Really, REALLY made Mom Angry!

Thank goodness she would never try to do this to me…I guarantee, she would wake up one day with her eyeballs dug out of her skull if she did. 15 more words