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The Daily Nude 12/18/2014

Well this is a random post, mostly to the sphynx community of course. But I have finally mastered the sphynx fleece shirt! Now let me say this…at first my sweet boys had some issues adjusting to not being naked…but after that found out it is so much better to be clothed when someone lets the dogs in or out and that cold air rushes in the open door. 90 more words


You Cannot Just Leave Cheeseburgers in the Frying Pan on the Stove...

…and not expect me to try and nab one! I almost got away with it too, but Mom turned and looked just as I was jumping back off the counter with it in my mouth. 13 more words

Hairless Kitty, I Want

Since my freshman year in college I have been researching everything I can get my hands on about the breed;would it be a good match for my personality? 462 more words