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The Liebster Award

Thank you BeautyFull www.vickroe.wordpress.com for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  

 The Rules <3

You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you. 1,236 more words


Superstar Dress Up

Sophie is finally going to perform in front of her friends and some fans. She became a superstar after someone discovered one of her songs on YouTube. 29 more words


[Hairstyle Tutorial] Rounded Ponytail Yukata Style

from Ray July 2012.

How To Style

Step 1: Gather all your hair into a high ponytail, secure with a hairtie. Leave a small section to frame your face, and use a curler to give it an S-shape as shown. 79 more words


Best Hair Styling Tips

Following are the 10 hairstyling tips that will benefit the women in general: -
1) Regular Shampoo:

For those who have oily hair, should shampoo frequently. 28 more words

Happy Birthday Love, Bonito!

Hair and Makeup (for Alicia): Phoebe Pong

Love, Bonito turns 4 this year! And you ought to share their joy, so check out their latest feature


7 easy steps to celebrity worthy waves - HAIRWAVESbyCHARBEL

Wavy #Hairstyle 2014, stay up to date

7 easy steps to celebrity worthy waves- all with the help of some very easy-to-do braids….

Source: www.facebook.com… 28 more words


Joanna Koh for Style Men

Grooming by Joanna Koh for Style Men magazine.
For more of her grooming portfolio click here.

Photography by Alwin Oh
Styling by Damian Huang