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Discover Haitian Filmmaking with Kidnapping Inc. - Brazil Business Today

Bruno Mourral has created the dark comedy film “Kidnapping Inc.” which is based on actual events. This film is intended to be a satire and a light-hearted way of looking at this serious social problem. 138 more words


{When Haiti and America Collide} Grafted In.

Three years ago, when I met John Robert, I did not expect him to become anything more to me than a friend. I was impressed by his intelligence, analytical skills, and most importantly his heart. 214 more words

Big grocery shopping day

I’ve been here couple of days now and on Wednesday we had time to go to a nearby city to do grocery shopping for two upcoming teams. 573 more words


Things: Zombies

By B.E.Seidl

What is a zombie? In Hollywood films, zombies are presented as something that had once been human but isn’t quite a person anymore; undead creatures who look like people but lack any emotions. 524 more words


diSip's Promotional Gear

This is one of the many promotional gears that will be offered to our fans. More info will follow.

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