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Haitian American Actress Vicky Jeudy #DontShoot

Orange is the new black’s Haitian American actress Vicky Jeudy posted this picture on her instagram page in support of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael “Mike” Brown in Ferguson, Missouri  and  the murder of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American 17-year-old walking home from a 7-Eleven.

Haitian American

Meet Haitian-American Pop Artist Moxiie

The more I hear people try to place Haitian-Americans in a box of what we should look and sound like, the more I’m introduced to Haitians and artist like Moxiie. 205 more words


Fashion Accessory To Watch: Fanm Djanm

I am so in love with these new Haitian American designer head wrap.

Based out of  New York City, Fanm Djanm  (Fum|Jum) which means “Strong Woman” is not just a new head wrap line, according to their site, they are a movement created to empower and inspire women from around the world to live BOLDLY through arts and fashion. 127 more words


Pix Of The Day: Ice Bucket Challenge in Haiti

Ice bucket challenge in Haiti.

Translation: Go read a book instead…

Picture by Haitian American Artist Bousiko


Actress Zoe Saldana L'Oreal Commercial Confirms She's Haitian?

I had no idea one of my favorite actress and Columbiana star Zoe Saldana is of Haitian decent.

The actress who is currently pregnant with twins is often described as  Dominican or American, but in her recent commercial for beauty brand L’oreal, her background is described as Dominican, Haitian, Puerto Rican and Lebanese . 343 more words

Haitian American

This is Haiti With Haitian Photographer Olivier Duong

Last week I introduced you to photographer Oliver Duong and his wonderful photography, so today I wanted to share more of  photographs of Haiti. 76 more words


Meet Haitian-French-Vietnamese Photographer Olivier Duong

When I stumbled upon Olivier’s photography, I had no idea he was Haitian, I was simply drawn to his black and white photographs of Haiti and just had to know more about him and his work. 1,822 more words