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November Tournament: Day 10

Two thirds of the way through and the title chase looks to be a battle between yokozuna: Kakuryu vs. Hakuho. Hakuho is alone at 9-1 after Kisenosato fell to Harumafuji and Kyokutenho lost to Jokoryu. 274 more words


November Tournament: Day 9

Kakuryu used his leverage to work Aoiyama (5-4) out of the ring and stay in the lead with a perfect 9-0 record. Hakuho quickly threw Ichinojo to stay one back off Kakuryu’s pace and remain in the hunt for his 32nd title. 237 more words


November Tournament: Day 8

My Day 8 update is a bit late. Had a busy day with early morning furniture delivery and then running errands, playing with the kids, etc. 381 more words


November Tournament: Day 6

Suddenly, all eyes are on a Giant killer — Takayasu? Wait, what? Wow.

Takayasu’s victory over the previously unbeaten Hakuho creates a brand new story line leading into Day 7 of the November Tournament. 409 more words


November Tournament: Day 5

Kakuryu contines to contest Hakuho for the tournament title. Both stand undefeated at 5-0. Harumafuji (3-2) continues his dominance over Ikioi (1-4) but his strength of schedule should ease off a bit in a few days since he’s already faced all the Ozeki and two of the three yokozuna. 275 more words


November Tournament: Day Four

Harumafuji gave up another kinboshi! This time the lucky maegashira is Tochiozan at maegashira #1. Hopefully Harumafuji can bounce back strongly and finish with at least 12 wins for the tournament. 265 more words

November Tournament 2014

November Tournament: Day Three

Harumafuji is my favorite Yokozuna. When I looked at the schedule and saw he was facing Takayasu, I got a little chill. Before Tuesday, Harumafuji had given up two kinboshi (gold stars) to Takayasu. 191 more words