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Wide Open Yusho!

Goeido (7-6) powered through Hakuho (12-1), yes, powered through Hakuho, to hand the Yokozuna his first loss amid the flying zabuton. Then, Ichinojo (12-1) capped off the day with a victory over Kakuryu (10-3). 259 more words

Fall Tournament 2014

Ichinojo trails Hakuho

Hakuho (12-0) eased to his 12th win against Kisenosato (7-5). The yokozuna side-stepped his opponent’s rush, and didn’t even bother with a belt grip. He just wrapped his arms around the ozeki and ushered him over the side of the dohyo. 376 more words

Fall Tournament 2014

Hakuho survives - Fall Tournament, Day 10

Hakuho (10-0) survived a scare against Osunaarashi (4-6). Osunaarashi went for an early pull-down and got Hakuho onto one leg. The fact that he maintained his balance helps demonstrate just how good he is. 193 more words

Fall Tournament 2014

Welcome to Tachiai

My goals with this blog are to help promote the sport, particularly professional sumo, as well as help other fans find more resources out there. 277 more words

Fall Tournament 2014

my first test title

Okay, looks like somebody came home, kicked off their shoes, made some Camomile tea.

This is disgusting!

So this is where Mr. Teatime got steeped!