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Chapter 10

Three hours in, and Jacko is snoring in a pseudo-Victorian armchair of a deep russet. I’m exhausted, but sleep evidently wasn’t on the passenger manifest. There is a mahogany chest of scotch by one window – port-hole? 1,167 more words


Thoughts of Randomness: Vol. 4

Just do better tomorrow. That’s how I live my life, every day. No matter how bad my day is, I know I can do better the next day. 205 more words

Hakuna Matata ~

Hakuna Matata
Pumbaa:  It’s our motto.
Young Simba: What’s a motto?
Timon: Nothing. What’s a motto with you?



Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I just finished writing 25 short poems for my friend’s upcoming 25th birthday and had one more poem in me.   129 more words


Wanna go Teal the easy way? :D

Post a pic of yourself- tag me- or comment with your blog link on this post and I’ll teal ya right up. This offer is good till Saturday 9/6/14.   35 more words


You should know that i loathe birthdays... But I love reasons to drink!

Well folks,

I’ve lost time for the “quarter life crisis,” as tomorrow I become the inevitable 24. Yes, you read correctly:


This may seem like nothing to you, but to me it feels like my life has slipped right on by. 370 more words

The Positivity of Drinking Alone

Hello hello!

First of all, welcome to the new blog! <3 I still have to redo the header, so bare with me for the moment as I recreate something. 913 more words