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Kirby's Dream Land [Game Boy] - Review

Released for the Game Boy in 1992, Kirby’s Dream Land marked the debut of the eponymous character that sucks and blows. What’s more, it also marked the beginning of Masahiro Sakurai’s entry into game development (in a directorial position, at least) and the growing relationship between the game’s developer – HAL Laboratory – and its publisher – Nintendo. 359 more words

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I Should've Played This Sooner: Air Fortress

I feel like “space” was a really common setting for many games of the 8- and 16-bit eras. And why not? Everyone everywhere was still kind of coasting on the good vibes of Star Wars and Aliens, and the setting itself allowed for a degree of freedom; not that it really mattered a ton on the NES but making your enemies invaders from the stars meant they could look and act like basically whatever you felt like drawing and programming. 1,896 more words


That Charizard Came From The Volcano! Snapshots of Pokémon Snap

A modern “Heart of Darkness” without the darkness, HAL Laboratory’s Pokémon Snap is one of the most fondly remembered video games of my childhood. I would intrepidly traverse sun-soaked beaches, Diglett-ridden tunnels and Mount Doom-esque volcanoes, all in the name of Pokémon photography. 349 more words