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Listless Marshmallows

At this point it’s safe to say you could throw just about any game in my face and, so long as you say it’s a Metroidvania, I’d more than likely try it out. 687 more words


That Charizard Came From The Volcano! Snapshots of Pokémon Snap

A modern “Heart of Darkness” without the darkness, HAL Laboratory’s Pokémon Snap is one of the most fondly remembered video games of my childhood. I would intrepidly traverse sun-soaked beaches, Diglett-ridden tunnels and Mount Doom-esque volcanoes, all in the name of Pokémon photography. 349 more words


Triple Redux

I read somewhere that even the best of writers have a tendency to plagiarize themselves. It’s a totally unintentional thing; they write so much that at some point their view becomes redundant between articles whose post dates span a certain distance of time. 781 more words


Revenge of the 'Gator

Pinball: 66 Hiki no Wani Daikoushin, as it’s known in Japan; the translation being Pinball: Crocodile Parade of 66 Animals, or something roughly to that effect. 26 more words

Game Boy