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As I sit here, I am looking at my phone with a message to boycott stores. Fools, are you Muslims serious?When peace comes then you run back to purchase from them? 250 more words

Recipe: Spinach and Feta spirals

I recently joined a group that swopped recipes. Because I love almost all of them I figured I would share some that really made me go Mmmmmm and that I have tried or was keen or trying. 61 more words

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Recipe: Nutella buns

Because who doesnt love Nutella
Bun dough
1000 g flour
500ml milk lukewarm
1 pkt yeast
125-150 g sugar
1 ts fine cardomon
1/4-1/2 ts salt… 68 more words

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Recipe: Daiwaras

The quickest thing to make for your iftaar table, seriously it took less then 30 minutes and was so delicious.

500g self raising flour… 55 more words

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Recipe: Chicken Balls

Going through the Boeka Treats book recently I came across a recipe that I wanted to try but seemed like to much effort…Hence I tried the Butter bean Ball recipe not to long ago. 167 more words

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Recipe: Hertzoggies

Hertzoggies is a great treat to have with your tea after a heavy meal. The sweet crust, sweet coconut and sweet jam sounds overbearing but to sweet-tooths like me its a combination to die for. 289 more words

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