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Some time ago... 'never again' again and again

Sometime ago….

For as many museums we built to condemn and remember genocide, it doesn’t seem to stop them.

How can something so evil happen in a place so beautiful? 51 more words

Some Time Ago

Halabja to Gaza: Stories of Siege and Massacre

“I don’t think on those days when my family had nothing to eat Saddam ate any less, that he did not enjoy his lavish life or that his supporters left his nest.

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The Music of Sara Thomsen: Heart, Soul, Earth

At dinner a week ago,
during the Sisters of Earth conference,
there was a buzz around the table,
welling excitement in the air:
“Have you heard Sara Thomsen before?” 387 more words


Scotland’s Independence Run Inspires

if the economy, among other things, is the main factor for the Scottish aspiration for independence, then shouldn’t decades of genocide, military threats and years of disregarding the Iraqi constitution be enough to motivate the Kurds to have a state of their own? 47 more words


Once a Ghost Town, Halabja Now Home to Arab Refugees

Halabja, some 350 kilometers east of Mosul, lies at the base of a stunning summer resort that attracts thousands of Arab tourists who enjoy the cooler mountain temperatures.

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Human Rights

onethreethirteen - Chapter 55

Chapter 55


LUCINDA WAS STANDING in the bathroom studying her reflection in the mirror considering how best to go about killing herself, when she heard, “Luci, open the door.” 826 more words