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Talking after Hamapil at night

Is there a Heter to talk after HaMapil at night?

Yes I saw this in the Rav Yaakov Emdin Siddur (p 131) and I heard Rav Schachter say he talks to his wife afterwards.  44 more words


Making Tea on Shabbos

How should we make tea on Shabbos?

Although the Gemara says it is Muter to do Bishul in a Kli Sheni with the exception Kalay HaBishul (things that cook easy), we don’t know what Kalay HaBishul are and are therefore Machmir (Mishneh Brura 318:42). 122 more words


Scratching one's head before learning Torah or Davening

I once learned that after scratching one’s head one must wash one’s hands before learning or davening.  I have never seen anyone do that.  Is that the Halacha? 71 more words


Sim Shalom at Mincha

If I said Sim Shalom accidentally at Maariv, must I repeat the Shemonah Esray?  Lets say I am not sure.

No.  Rav Ephrayim Greenblatt (Rivivos Ephrayim Chelek 8, Siman 30) quotes Rav Schachter (Nefesh HaRav) p 152, letter 4 claims the Rav said Sim Shalom by both Mincha and Maariv Bideved would be ok, and certainly a Safek would be ok.


Wool Tzitzis

Should I wear woolen Tzitzis?

There is a Machlokis Taanim, Amorayim, Rishonim and Poskim whether Tzitzis made from other materials than wool and flax is Deoraysa or Dirabanan.  100 more words


Borer while playing Settlers of Katan on Shabbos

When playing “Settlers of Katan” on Shabbos, is it Borer to drop your bad cards when someone rolls a 7?

In order to violate Borer on Shabbos, there needs to be a Taroves (mixture) and you must do Borer in an Asur fashion.  84 more words


Which way to face when Davening at the Kotel

Which way should one face at the Kotel when davening; towards the wall or towards the left facing the Makom HaMikdash?

The Shulchan Aruch clearly states that one should face the Mikdash (Shulchan Aruch OC 94:1).  58 more words