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Using a 'Brita' Filtered Water Jug on Shabbos

Borrer – ‘selecting – is one of the forbidden activities on Shabbat. I love my water filter jug, so the question has arisen if one can use the ‘Brita style’ water jugs on Shabbos as it removes the unclean particles from the water. 658 more words


Lo Tasur and Daas Torah

When discussing the balance between authority and autonomy in Halacha, one of the central modern issue that arises is that of Daas Torah – what is the extent of rabbinic authority even beyond limited Halachic issues? 1,222 more words


In Defense of Halakha: Jewish Law’s Faith in the Majesty of Man

By: Jason Avigan

The most common critique of the Jewish legal code known as Halakha is its restrictiveness.  Halakha dictates every aspect of life—it tells man how to eat, how to speak, how to do business, how to have sex, how to manage time, and, to some extent, how to think.  771 more words


Halachoth Of Hanukka Candle Lighting

Timing: The basic understanding of  the relevant sources as presented by Maimonides, The Vilna Gaon, and the most widely used calendars in and around Jerusalem is that the proper time for candle lighting is at sunset. 422 more words

Desserts - If & When They Require a Brachah

I have heard a lot that in a (hamotzi) meal, you don’t in general make a bracha on desserts.

I always felt a bit uncomfortable at this, so I have decided to undertake finding out the exact boundaries of this, and when one should and shouldn’t make a bracha during a meal. 1,161 more words


Q&A: Tefillin on Rosh Hodesh

Question: Why do we take off our tefillin before musaf on Rosh Chodesh?

Simple answer: Because everyone else is doing it.

Refined Question: Why is there a widespread practice to do so? 1,042 more words