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How Communities with Different Halachic Traditions Coexist

In the past I have discussed issues that arose in poskim in the age of denominations.  Recognizing the existence of large groups of Jews who have fundamentally different assumptions about Halacha and Hashkafa presented a series of challenges for poskim who dealt with the issues in different ways.   1,036 more words


Quality of Life and Yishuv Eretz Yisrael

In a previous post (here), I began to deal with some parameters of the mitzvah of yishuv Eretz Yisrael, focusing on the element of protecting the land.  844 more words


Wie steht das Judentum eigentlich zur Todesstrafe

Soeben erschien in der Jüdischen Allgemeine mein Artikel zu diesem Thema. Weil aus Platzmangel nur ein Teil des Artikels gedruckt wurde, stelle ich hier die längere, vollständige Version den Lesern zu Verfügung. 1,531 more words


On Mezuzot, the Iron Dome, and Yishuv Eretz Yisrael

In a shiur by Rabbi Binyanim Tabory exploring the teshvuot of Rabbi Menachem Kasher (here), I came across a teshuva that resonates very strongly with me at the moment. 562 more words


Bringing a Sefer Torah to Soldiers (A Teshuva from Rav Amital)

I have started going through Rabbi Binyamin Tabory’s series on She’elot UTeshuvot from the 20th century (a KMTT series). In a special shiur recorded right after the passing of Moreinu V’Rabbeinu HaRav Yehuda Amital zt”l ( 907 more words


Three Weeks, Two Musings, One Shiur

Yesterday I was privileged to deliver a Shiur on the Three Weeks period, which begins this Tuesday. Click here for the Mareh Mekomot. To these I will append the following philosophical insight which I also shared yesterday, based on the sources at the above link. 1,049 more words


Pinchas - The Precedents for Leadership

The Torah records that after seeing that the daughters of Tzelofechad received the inheritance of their father, Moshe took the opportunity to ask Hashem that his children succeed him as leaders of the Jewish people. 1,044 more words