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Are You Too Biased to Poskan for Yourself?

It’s been a while since I summarized my psak shiur, but I’ll try to catch up. In the previous post on this topic, we began dealing with the issue of poskaning for one’s self – when is one qualified, are there different standards for ruling for one’s self than there are for others, etc. 779 more words


Q&A: Rebuking Texting Drivers, and Bounced Checks

Question: What did you mean when you said last week that texting drivers are like drunk drivers and need to be stopped?

Answer: I meant… 350 more words

Dall’individualismo al collettivismo religioso-nazionale

Por Rav Pinchas Punturello

Se poi la casa è troppo piccola per un agnello, ne prenda uno in comune col piú vicino di casa, tenendo conto del numero delle persone; voi determinerete la quantità dell’agnello necessario, in base a ciò che ognuno può mangiare. 586 more words

You Shall Drive Out All The Inhabitants Of The Land From Before You

As the Jews prepared to cross the Jordan into the Land of Israel, as the waters rose to enormous heights and the Children of Israel rapidly crossed to the other side, as they were in the middle of the now-dry riverbed, suddenly Joshua paused and spoke to them. 1,177 more words

Eretz Yisroel

Q&A: Wrong Blessing Before Q'riath Sh’ma

Question: I davened on my own last shabbos, and did not have enough kavana. I started saying the weekday version of the shemoneh esrei… 439 more words

When Can You Poskan For Yourself?

Can you poskan for yourself? Does making decisions for yourself have the same limitations of general psak? I dealt with this issue in two parts.  The first shiur is available: … 1,152 more words


Happy Belated Hanukkah: All of the Controversial Jewish Things Part 1

Part 1: What Matters About Anthony Goldstein, Jewish Wizard

It’s not about the correct spelling of the transliterated holiday – if only it could be so easy. 549 more words

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