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Morid HaGeshem or Gashem

What is the correct pronunciation of the word Gashem or Geshem found in MaShiv HaRuach U-Morid HaGeshem?

I heard Rav Aharon Soloveithik say (and quoted in the name of the Rav) that Geshem was correct. 16 more words


Using Vacation Day on Chol HaMoad

I plan on going back to England next year to work in an Accounting program. I have 25 days off and can use them for Chol HaMoad or work on Chol HaMoad and run Kiruv programs. 75 more words


Shanayim Mikrah V'Achud Targum

Can I do Shanayim Mikrah V’Achud Targum with the Artscroll as my Targum?

Probably better than doing nothing because Tosfos (Brachos 8a) quotes an opinion that it’s ok, but the Shulchan Aruch (285:2) seems to require Targum or Rashi. 16 more words


Studying for a Test on Shabbos

Is it Mutar to study Biology or Chemistry on Shabbos assuming that it is for a test but the information is also useful for general knowledge as I am Pre-Med (or is it a problem of Uvdah De’Chol regardless)? 123 more words


Bracha Achrona

Hey Rav horn, so i have a question that I thought of after eating chulent. After having their bowl, someone said both a al hamichya and borei nefashot, on the barley and potatoes/onions, respectively. 154 more words


Shabbos Goy turning on lights

What are the halachot of asking a goy to turn on a light on shabbas? May I do it if there is no one else around and I want to learn? 162 more words


Working on Shabbos

Are you allowed to do something on Shabbat which you get paid for such as being a professional chazzan or baal koreh? How do you get around the fact that you are clearly earning money on Shabbat? 68 more words