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Esther 4:16, Question 9. Why does Esther emphasize that her plan is “not in accordance to the law?”

  • The Talmud (Megillah 15a) writes that Esther emphasizes that her plan is “not in accordance to the law” to refer to the fact that this plan of voluntarily submitting herself to Achashverosh is not in accordance to the laws of the Torah, which forever forbids a Jewish wife to be with her husband after being with another man consensually (Sotah 2a).
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Q&A: Passing the Baby

Question: Our first baby (a girl) was born two weeks ago, and now we have to get used to keeping the nidda laws again, because we did not get a lot of practice keeping them before the baby was on the way. 1,013 more words

On the Prohibition to Dance on the Sabbath and Yom Tov, the Novelty of the Modern Simhath Torah, and What Will Be In the Third Temple

See here for many of the relevant sources related to Hazal’s enactment against dancing and clapping hands on the Sabbath, and the claim of the Tosafists that the prohibition no longer applied in their days because it was not likely that it could lead to someone repairing a musical instrument.  880 more words

Going from Succot to Simcha Torah

Succot (AKA = Festival of Tabernacles or Festival of Booths).

Simcha Torah = Rejoicing the Torah. The start of the book of Genesis for the new years cycle of reading the 5 books of Moses. 88 more words

Nachat Ruach: The Right of Religious Experience? (And Some Comments about Dancing with Sifrei Torah on Simchat Torah)

Is there a “right to religious experience”? This was the question Rabbi Aryeh Klapper posed in the context of Halacha and disabilities this past summer. I was supposed to give a shiur on this topic at the Summer Beit Midrash, but due to the situation here in Israel, our flight was delayed and I never made it to Boston. 1,873 more words


Hosha’noth is a Beautiful Minhag. So Why Not on the Sabbath?

Orah Hayim 660:3 mentions the opinion of the Tur and Rav Sherira Gaon concerning the omission of Hosha’noth on the Sabbath of Sukkoth, and that the standard practice is to perform Hosha’noth even on the Sabbath. 510 more words

Q&A: The Name Avishag

Question: Recently I met a young woman by the name Avishag. I recalled the first chapter of Kings I where King David employed Avishag Hashunamit as his… 312 more words