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The Kaleidoscope

Happy Sixth Day of Passover, World!

Thanks largely to the holidays and also some infirmities, I haven’t posted anything for a week. Despite the fact that today is Easter, and therefore lots of church bells kept me up until midnight and then proceeded to wake me up in the morning, I figured that one week without a post is too much. 442 more words

Horseradish has a Place at the Seder, Just not as Maror

Speaking of Slifkin, he himself has of late been decidedly irrational. Earlier he argued that although he believes that Jews, including himself, should wear trunculus… 233 more words

Beitzah 14

The Gemara states that Rav Pappi visited the home of Mar Shmuel on Yom Tov and the servants of Mar Shmuel brought Rav Pappi disa, which is a dish made from wheat kernels that are split into less than four pieces. 133 more words

Groundhog Day Judaism

By: Eric Brauner

A few weeks ago, one of the great comic and (in my opinion) philosophical masters of our time, Harold Ramis, left this world. 805 more words

The Jewish Experience

Hilchos Pesach - Things to Remember for Erev Pesach

If you celebrate Passover you may want to know the following information:

* Siyum for Bechorim Monday morning.

* All male firstborn to either parent must fast, as well as a firstborn following a miscarriage. 320 more words

The Nature of Sin in Philosophy and Law: Doctors/Soldiers Switching Shabbos Shifts and Yichud

I was always intrigued by the quasi-legal discussions in the Gemara that reflect highly sophisticated philosophical issues.  Even more fascinating is when those same discussions are translated into law.  768 more words


Beitzah 9

The Gemara cites a dispute regarding a rabbinic prohibition that was instituted because performing the act may give the impression that one is violating a biblical prohibition. 191 more words