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Happy half birthday.

Today, my son turned six months old.

His half birthday.

I had such a hard time finding the words that I wanted to use to express how I am feeling. 484 more words


Daphne's Half Birthday


Seriously???  The time has just flown by.  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were checking in at the hospital for Daphne’s arrival.   116 more words

Holding on to my youth..

Ok so I’m not exactly old, but we was talking about half birthday’s at work and it dawned on me that my next big birthday is 30.. 66 more words


The Half Birthday?! The HALF Birthday?! Don't be ridiculous

The Half Birthday trend needs to die, and here is why.

I just heard about the new parenting trend, ‘the half birthday’ on the radio this morning as I was tossing too and fro in my bed like a squeaky door (Prov. 1,174 more words

Mom Stuff

My Brain Is Currently All Over The Place

And by all over the place, I mean ALL over the place.

1) Okay, so remember how I told you that I was going to raise sponsors, and how much fun it would be. 596 more words


6 Months

Dearest Poet Victoria, Our Little Miss P:

You’ve made it halfway around the sun, our sweet child. In your time here, you’ve learned to use your voice when you want to be heard- even if it’s only to babble to your blanket or razz at Raffy the Giraffe- you’ve also learned to tug at our hearts without making a sound. 341 more words


Happy Half Birthday Cogito Ergo Mum

On the 26 March 2014, Cogito Ergo Mum turned 6 months old. She’s the youngest of my offspring, and so I am pretty much dragging her up. 332 more words