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Played: Half-Life 2

I just wrote about playing Valve’s Half-Life, so here is my bit on its sequel, my new favorite PC game, Half-Life 2!

There are just a few years between HL and HL2, but of course technology evolves and improves so rapidly that you can immediately see a world of difference between the games. 497 more words


Played: Half Life, and...

So I played Half Life, but before I talk about that, I want to set the mood with a little introduction. :)

The blessed schedule of a college student means I actually have some free time in the winter between semesters. 584 more words


How Old Is the Earth Anyway?

What does how old the Earth is have to do with a blog on moving and living in New Zealand?

Well, at least something since the great New Zealand-born physicist, Ernest Rutherford, discovered how to answer this question which had perplexed mankind for years. 1,419 more words

Moving To New Zealand

Free Game Friday #1: Alchemilla

Heeeeeeeeeeeey!  It’s Cheesenode here taking a whack at Alchemilla, a fan-made Silent Hill mod for the Source Engine!  The game is free from ModDB.  It is a fully independent story line from the canon games, but is set in Silent Hill and is rendered beautifully thanks to Source!


Buy My Books At Powell's!

Guys! My books are BOTH in-stock at Powell’s and AVAILABLE ONLINE. RIGHT NOW. Who knows for how long?! So, go to Powells.com and buy my books… 75 more words


Half-Life – A tribute

No. It’s not that I am having self-realization of lived through whole of my life with ever-approaching old age and now getting into that “past tense” mode where you always want to compare current events against old beautiful and majestic moments; Keep cussing the present and wallowing in “those beautiful days”. 1,537 more words