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Inside Preview: Half-Life 3

With Half-Life 3 basically having been confirmed, it will make a great Inside Preview.

The World

Half-Life 3 is rumoured to be set in the Black Mesa Research Facility, but other than this rumour, we have no information as of yet to what we will be doing in the world. 109 more words

Inside Games

Alyx Vance: The Best Thing About "Half-Life 2"

Now immediately I would just like to correct something wrong about that title: this amazing woman is not a “thing.” She is not a trophy. She is not a prize. 2,290 more words

Alyx Vance

Oyun: Half Life: Blue Shift

Geçtiğimiz Kasım ayının 16’sında Half-Life 2‘nin çıkışının 10.yılını “Half-Life 3 nerede kaldı allahsız Gaben?” nidalarıyla kutlamamızın ardından, Steam’in Halloween ile başlayıp Black Friday -> Christmas şeklinde yılın son çeyreği boyunca devam eden indirim silsilelerinin birinde Half-Life Complete Pack’i komik bir fiyata satılırken görmemin ardından aklıma düştü bu seri. 538 more words

Blue Shift

Two Minimalist Mass Effect Posters Released By Artist Noble-6

Here’s two out of the six minimalist Mass Effect posters released by artist Noble-6 yesterday. You can find the rest below, and, if you dig the style, make sure to check out the guy’s… 24 more words

Game Art

Little Big Video Game Books

Artist and designer JoeBot has created a brilliant series of original Little Big Book covers based on classic retro and more recent video games.

Wish these would have been around when I was a kid. 23 more words

Killer Kitsch News

Half Life

It was a 486 PC I wanted to play this game on the first time. Man, I almost became a cracker to make this game run, but 8MB of video memory is not enough. 288 more words