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Winter Night Trail Marathon 2015 - My Experience

The Winter Night Trail Marathon in Indianapolis bills itself as “Brutally Awesome.”  As a participant in the 2015 half marathon event, I can concur that it most definitely is a brutally awesome event!  740 more words


I Fell Down

It was bound to happen some time.

Sure, I’ve stumbled and wobbled on some runs, but I’ve never outright taken a spill. Until Wednesday. I did a lovely wipeout on the sidewalk in New Orleans exactly 1 mile into my easy run. 452 more words


Price Increase and Contest: Pacific Northwest Marathon 5/2/2015 (Eugene, OR)

Eugene is blessed with another marathon and half marathon  occurring during our prime running months. On May 2, 2015, the Inaugural Pacific Northwest Marathon and half marathon will take place in Track Town USA. 455 more words


What it means to really LOVE our running and riding

More than one person I know has made this similar observation about their love of running or cycling. “I don’t know what I’d do without it.” 612 more words

We Run And Ride Every Day

Heat Down, Speed Up (2015 Lifetime Miami Half Marathon)

Vamos por el chifrijo! … Mae, dejastes tirado a tu compa! … Hay que ganarse los frijoles molidos!

Every time I passed a Costa Rican runner, I’d blurt out some random tico chatter, usually about food.  1,387 more words


The Best Advice I Can Give

Hello there! I’m always being asked about what sort of tips and advice I have for beginning runners or training for a big race. I never know what to say… and then I start to say something and I could just type out a short book which just looks ridiculous. 947 more words


2014 Wrap-up and Racing Resolutions

I know, I know.  It’s almost February 2015 and I am just getting around to posting my 2014 wrap-up.  If you go by the lunar calendar, then this post is just-in-time.  645 more words