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The ONLY Rules You Need to Follow at the Bar

For those of you who actually know me, you are probably in disbelief that I’m writing about this.  Of all people, ME, yes, ME—the girl notorious for not following bar rules—is deciding to write about bar etiquette and the method to the madness I like to call surviving the night out.  1,062 more words

'I'm just going to sit here, half naked, until I'm alive again.'

I will wait here as long as I can, making myself as small as possible in the darkness. My bare skin against the wall. I stripped down to my underwear and hid. 72 more words

Diary entry #29 - Bone scan

So today i went to my gender clinic again. Not for a talk with my therapist but i had to get a bone density scan. Apparently anti androgens can cause osteoporosis (porous bones) so they probably wanted to scan to have a base level of how my bones are currently. 570 more words