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4 Best Bet JACK-tivities For This Weekend


And if you too like to do things, then maybe you should check out one of the following, 4 Best Bet JACK-Tivities of this weekend (Oct.24-26th 2014) 343 more words


Hall & Oates- 'She's Gone'

After being slightly overwrought by listening to Judee Sill, it was lovely to listen to a bit of early Hall & Oates. I knew virtually nothing about them apart from the 80s stuff which was always a bit lyrically dodgy. 49 more words

Judee Sill

Musique 365: Day 294: Soul Alone - Daryl Hall

This particular half of Hall and Oates stands perfectly well on his own two feet, thank you very much. There is a laid-back jazzy feel to this album – more than with his usual partner, for example, ‘I’m in a Philly Mood’ and ‘Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart’, but there are more upbeat tracks (‘This Time’, ‘Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You’) that mix things up very nicely. 8 more words

It's Almost the Roaring Twenties Again, Right?

It is interesting to me how the size of a piece of paper changes the way I doodle. This latest doodle is directly inspired by a couple of vintage Art Deco broaches I found when searching for ideas on the internet. 170 more words


CMR: Abandoned Luncheonette 1973 - Daryl Hall/John Oates

The sophomore release from Daryl Hall & John Oates is probably the most representative work from the duo that has challenged musical genres, stayed true to their vision, and continue to thrive in 2014.  417 more words


Denied at the Grocery Store

It was a pretty great morning, as far as Mondays go.

My daughter and I were grocery shopping, which has become much less painful now that she’s 2.5. 138 more words