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In Whom We Have Boldness and Confident Access

In Whom  We Have Boldness  and Confident Access

Some people feel  they should not  approach God directly  through prayer  to Him.      They either want  another person  to pray  for them,  whether it be a friend,  pastor,  or religious leader  —  or  they will pray  to a  “saint”,  who has died years ago.     656 more words


Your love is like radiant diamonds
Bursting inside us we cannot contain
Your love will surely come find us
Like blazing wild fires singing Your name…

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But You Have Become Weary of Me

But  You Have  Become Weary  of Me

Human nature  tends to  always be looking  for things that are different,  more exciting,  new,  interesting,  and filled  with activity.     671 more words


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English poet, scholar and novelist Robert Graves was born in South London in 1895. He studied at Oxford after serving on the front lines in WW1. 294 more words


He Who Believes in Him Will Not Be Disappointed

He Who Believes  in Him  Will Not  Be Disappointed

Some people  end up  being disappointed  in Jesus.     They wrongly expect  to have their every desire  ( greed )  given to them.     658 more words


Behold, I Was Brought Forth in Iniquity

Behold,  I Was Brought Forth  in Iniquity

There are those  who claim  that newborn babies  and small children  are innocent  and sinless.     But,  God’s word  declares differently.     565 more words