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Every Man at His Best

Every Man  at His Best

Most everyone  struggles  to be the very best  he can be  in each part  of his life.     We want  to be successful  and live a pleasant,  satisfying life.     693 more words


By the Breath of His Mouth

By  the Breath  of His Mouth

The breath  of our mouths  indicate that we are still alive.     Other than that,  we expel our breath  as we speak  and sing  —  or for creating enough vapor  to clean our glasses.   655 more words



THANK GOD. Finally, finally, finally received a reply regarding my appeal. Great timing, too. Today’s the last day for tutorial balloting… saves me the hassle of having to manually register for a tutorial slot. 182 more words


A Mission is a Fighting Writing

Expression is the swing of the sword, the wielding of the pen.
Impression is the strike on the wood, the ink left behind.
Passion is the sword fighting, the endless timeless writing. 70 more words




The news lately  has been reporting riots,  looting,  and total destruction  of businesses  —  all in the name of  “justice”.     The implication is  that black people  have the right  and need  to act this way  because their ancestors  were enslaved  years ago,  and they now face discrimination.     745 more words


Hallelujah, Your love makes me sing!

Life can be tough. We will face struggles. But sometimes I have trouble being overwhelmed by the negative when there is so much good. There is always good. 119 more words

Hardened By the Deceitfulness

Hardened  By the Deceitfulness

Most all people are  what could be called  “head strong”.     We just have  a stubborn streak  that won’t give up  —  even when  we know  we are wrong.     672 more words