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Interiors: Going to University

With less than a month to go the countdown is on. After a few weeks of scouring Ikea, Dunelm and well to be honest that’s just about it, I have found some things I am really loving and cant wait to fill my tiny room with and make it a little bit of my own. 42 more words


The Sims 2 - Strangetown #4

So I chose the already made La Fiesta Tech University for Strangetown. This was for obvious reason such as the desert theme and alien student who is apparently moving in. 187 more words


So basically

This blog is going to be about my experiences in student accommodation in Glasgow since it’s my first time moving out and living alone. I bought my first toaster here.


University halls vs. new house

I know I have already mentioned this a couple of times already, but two weeks ago I moved into my new house and I’m so excited!!! 196 more words


University - what to do when you get there

Here is a list of things I would tell my younger self to do during freshers.

Take alcohol that is easily shared. For example, cans, bottles of spirits and mixers. 229 more words


Freshers: What to expect of living in halls.

The majority of new university students will live in university supplied student accommodation, or as they are or generally know, halls. There are many types of accommodation you can encounter., including: 447 more words


My Top Ten Uni Essentials

I am entering my third year of university, and have just settled into my latest student house. Throughout my three years at uni, I have lived in halls, then a student house, now my final one. 856 more words