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Battle of the university residences: which country does it best?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: France may just be a hop over the Channel, but everything is so different. However, university residences take it one step further. 1,028 more words


Student Life

Student life is both everything and nothing like I expected.

One expectation of uni mainly revolved around the many tales of drinking, and it’s true that litres of booze are thrown around and there are many nights of flatmates getting drunk, going crazy and then going clubbing – only to return in the early hours of the morning with stories that they’ll forget when they wake up later. 523 more words

Blogmas | Lazy Day

I had so many plans for today, but instead I took a day to recharge. I think around this time, with uni deadlines looming and the insanity that come along with the holiday season, it’s important to have a recharge day! 152 more words


Nostalgia Kid and Critical Kid: Deck the Halls

And we have a collaboration entry from Nostalgia Kid and Critical Kid!

Any future Uni students take note: Life in Halls

Just a few small tips for those who are looking to live in halls for Uni next year:

  1. Lock your door when you go out – otherwise, you’ll find your flatmates have created some kind of hilarious trap in your room for when you come back!
  2. 102 more words

The Worst Thing About Living in Halls

I am really enjoying living in halls, a lot of people in my building are very friendly and offer me food, which is always good. It’s also nice how when one person is ill or upset we all come together and it’s very sweet. 164 more words