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the scorpion

the scorpion skittered across my foot
I looked at it very closely and thought “Huh…”
then it was gone
I was back from whatever fantasy… 65 more words


A Fascinating Hallucination.

Near the embankment of a river,

I saw the swan princess,

Her beauty spellbind me.

I went close to her.

As soon as I reached closer & closer,

45 more words

Quetiapine Diary: Day 2

There is a definite numbness that has swept over since starting the Quetiapine, which has gradually deteriorated from a slight hazy sensation to the feeling that I am becoming disconnected with the rest of the world. 442 more words


Job Interview

In the laquered waiting room 
plastic, sterile 
glass and marble
clean nondescript and 

blue carpets
heavily soak up footfalls,

the wind 
beggars into alleyways  144 more words


Mr. Sandman

Click, click, says the metronome 

Who fast loses pace 

Who’s lost in the fabric

Of time and of space 


My heart, it follows 

As it skips a beat  229 more words


Love of Life, by Jack London

Ever wonder why you bother to get up in the morning, and keep on in that daily grind whose meaning becomes less and less clear by the hour, “to the last syllable of recorded time”? 56 more words