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Salva me ex Inferis

When you are on Divinorum, you see things. Your mind is consciously aware of this though, so you rationalise the more surreal, horrifying and unsettling images; it is ok, this is not happening. 318 more words



The five year old boy being carried into the health centre in patient ward looked worryingly ill. His mother said that he had been feverish for 24 hours but this morning, he had had a seizure. 944 more words


Total hell

It’s been one HELL of a month, and what I mean by hell is I have felt like hell, my life has been hell, my mood has been hell, and everything went to hell. 307 more words

On being terrified of nothing.

I haven’t taken my medication in a very long time. I haven’t got a psychiatrist looking out for my dosages or anything and it didn’t really seem to work before so I’ve done a bit of a doozey and just given up on it. 84 more words

Mental Health

The D


Tra la a tra la

la tra la la a

High on Sarpa Salpa

Having consumed the head

I deploy

Proportionate to the asymmetry… 120 more words


Go to Sleep

When all of my other coping mechanisms fail, I take an OTC sleep aid and fall asleep. It’s not my go-to solution, but it’s better than launching myself into a psychotic episode that might last for days.


This little piggy

2014 seems to be going at one hell of a pace and it seems to be picking up speed. When I was a child, I remember being told that on more than one occasion that the older you get, the faster time seems to pass. 875 more words

Mental Health