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Hallway 2

I made it to Springfield.  Off for a beer and then to work on my presentations.

Jon Crispin

Record Bulletin, 12/7: Homeboy Sandman and Serengeti

Show Don’t Tell or Tell Don’t Show?

I’ll probably elaborate on this thought later: after looking at the way Christgau was pouring out reviews every week throughout 2011, I wonder if I might change my approach in 2015. 407 more words


Poll results: do you think the Red Sea has sexism within it?

The Journal concludes all polls after one hundred responses have been submitted. We do this in order to obtain a sample of data that is representative of the school population in a period that is fixed rather than arbitrary. 109 more words

Student Life

Poll: Sexism in the Red Sea

In response to our controversial article on sexism in the Red Sea, we’d like to know what you think. Is there a culture of sexism within the Red Sea? 22 more words

Student Life

Hallway Wainscoting

On the day of our wedding, James gave me a coupon he made that said “You get wainscoting in the hallway!”….One year later it’s finally up! 93 more words

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Going Away

A chapter, as they say, is coming to a close.
Soon it will all go away.
There is a finite window,
And then it too will close. 46 more words