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I don’t know why, but I’m craving to go to an arcade now. Real bad. Probably because I missed my weekly dose of Mario Kart.



Dear Internet,

So sorry, it’s been a while etc., all my fault, and so on. Really. I’ve just been at work a lot and somehow once I get there I seem to enjoy finding ways to run around the bowels of a hospital for about fourteen hours looking daft in front of clever people and it just never occurs to me to do anything else like, well, write or (more importantly) study or eat. 363 more words


Mornings as an adult have become increasingly difficult.

Every since I got a job, I find myself exhausted in the morning and it literally takes me at least an hour to completely pull my ass out of bed and go downstairs to eat breakfast.  58 more words

Shortbread really shouldn't be this difficult

In preparation for the momentous party that my sister is throwing today (throwing? Like, is she throwing it out the window? Off a cliff?) she has requisitioned approximately 5 billion tonnes of food. 248 more words

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