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Shortbread really shouldn't be this difficult

In preparation for the momentous party that my sister is throwing today (throwing? Like, is she throwing it out the window? Off a cliff?) she has requisitioned approximately 5 billion tonnes of food. 248 more words

My Style

Exploring Careers? More like Extended Holidays

So, here I am, trapped in a dusty hostel room, forcing myself to stay awake in order to catch World Cup later because I cannot wake up at such an early hour without falling back asleep. 1,288 more words

L I F E O F M E ♤

Top Ten Tuesday

I follow A LOT of book blogs, and whenever there’s a book that comes up on a few of them/I like the cover/the blurb/it just looks good, it goes on my Word Document titled ‘books to read’. 779 more words

Fix Yo Game, Wordpress!

So, if you understood the reference in the title of this post, please leave a comment telling me where you’ve heard it before.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that I’ve not gotten any new views in over a week, but I’ve somehow managed to gain three followers and several likes. 160 more words


And so it begins...

So here I am, and there you are. Maybe you’re not there at all and all of this will be for nothing. Or-maybe it’ll be a place for me to clear my head. 213 more words

Don't Be Cry! It Be Okay!

I was thinking lately about the positives and negatives of being the Crying Girl (TM) lately. You know – that girl who cries in every film that even vaguely alludes to the fact that somewhere, at some point, in the past, an animal once died, or the girl that seems relatively okay until one too many minor stressful things occur and she ends up hyperventilating when she can’t open a packet of cheezels and yelling “STOP BLOWING ON ME” at the wind. 1,176 more words

The oDesk Job From Hell--How Do You Handle It?

As I’ve started out freelancing in the past month or two, my approach has basically been to dive in head-first and figure things out as I go. 1,112 more words