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Days of Future Past

This will be my new Sunday Segment. I will tell you about things that have happened in the week and then about things that are going to happen in the coming week. 321 more words

At the Risk of Sounding Like a Broken Record...



I know it now can be used to mean figuratively, which I find to be completely daft. Like, what is that? No. 722 more words

We Need Interviewers!

You see, we have a problem. Our Australian correspondent is our main interviewer, the head of the interview department actually and he spits out about 30 interviews a month. 34 more words

No Fooling.

So this is my evening, how about yours?


Now it feels like grad school

a.k.a I wanna die.

I haven’t updated in a while, although I want to, believe me. I’ve had some ideas for Beauty Break posts; also, there are several events in my life that I wanted to mention (boyfriend found a job, I got accepted into a program at my university that will increase my job prospects, apartment hunting, etc.). 122 more words

Halp. Silly kitten!

Halp. Silly kitten! Lol! #kitten #funny #silly #sillycat #funnycat

How the #@$! do I FUSE?

With the addition of a new daily comes the question: what the hell is fusing?  We’ll break it down here.

The first step of fusing is owning mods (the weapon additions, not the people in blue).   281 more words