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Okay, I have to know, am I the only one out there?

I’m really weird about playing games if I remember the story-line. Like any RPG, if I’m watching someone play it, unless there is a gap in the story-line that I do not remember I cannot play it. 61 more words

Is it just me?..

The amount of spiders here is worrying me a little.. And the reason I know that I am not over anxious is that it has peaked Mutti’s interest. 481 more words


A Completely Organic Show of Psychological Warfare

I’ve ordered it to be “Quiet Time”. There will be no TV. There is no horsing around. No basketball. No noisy singing toys. It’s one step above Time Out but only because I allow her to walk around freely (and that’s mainly because I’ve lost the wherewithal to physically restrain her from being mobile, to be honest.) 506 more words


Pre-college graduation scares

Sooo…..since I’ll be starting my last semester of college come January, more and more of those “once you graduate……” and “welcome to real life” talks have been figuratively shoved down my neck by my parents…I literally just got one at 11pm… 417 more words