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Chocolates & Cigarettes

Still too young to fail, too scared to sail away
But one of these days I’ll grow old
And I’ll grow brave and I’ll go… 9 more words


Poem 351 - Halt

Hear that?
What is it?
A mystery.
Will we ever see?
Maybe, maybe not
But it is gone.
The sound went.

*** 29 more words


Opposite of Go

How often do you run around
And never take a moment to
Let your body rest?
Taken too far you’ll collapse. 61 more words

Marshmallows, Parking and Your Future

Marshmallows, or more accurately the Marshmallow Test, seem to have made their way back into our collective consciousness. There was an NPR story last week on the Marshmallow Test and parking cars and, in the October issue of… 529 more words

The Mind


Komm her
Komm her, ich nehm dich bei der Hand
Hab keine Angst
Vertrau mir
Ich kenn mich hier aus
Es geht vorbei und ich bin bei dir… 40 more words