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Bowl 50- 初戀 (First Love)

At Home: Anthoni’s Chirashi-men

Since December 29, 2012, I had started my first ramen diary at Ramen Raijin.
Right Now (April 13, 2014). I am writing about my own design at Bowl 50. 108 more words

Ramen Adventures @ Toronto

Hamachi (Yellowtail) Pokē

Pokē, Yum! What’s even better? When it is made with hamachi (yellowtail), and it is homemade!  Once you read this post, you may wonder why you pay a lot of money to eat this, when it is so easy to make on your own (and cheaper too). 316 more words

365 Days Of Gratitude

Overall Statistics of Alshicraft

24/7 Premium and Classic servers.



Earned money: 

$2500+ – Premium

$50-100+ – Classic


I enjoyed making those servers, with very good computers. I had about 64 RAM on each, so it stayed fast. 93 more words

Eat Local: Lure+Till in Palo Alto

Lure+Till brings farm-to-table dining with a hip Mission vibe to downtown Palo Alto. Open just a week, the place has already been packed every night — and with good reason. 1,040 more words


Birthday Dinner at Fishing With Dynamite

Chef Ted always know the best restaurants to try, whether in LA, Beverly Hills, Fort Lauderdale, New York or just about anywhere. So for Emily’s birthday dinner he suggested a restaurant in Manhattan Beach , Fishing With Dynamite, and we went last night.  66 more words


New Hamachi Server

So if you all know what “Hamachi” is, you might be able to join my server. My server right now is in Hamachi due to DDoS protection. 160 more words

Willow Road

Glazed Pork Ribs photo credit Anna Malskaya

Grilled Ribeye
Willow Road. Location: Meatpacking. 16th Street and 10th Ave. Scene: Cool Enough. Vibrant. Comfortable. Food… 548 more words

Easy Ressies