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network experience

As my workload on SSW currently is very low, I used the time organize some minor events and tried some network testing. Using a Hamachi based VPN-like network over the www, a group of twelve players run LAN-based Soldner games while I logged the server- and some clientside (for three players) traffic and data exchange via Wireshark ( 358 more words

Birthday Sushi

My birthday was earlier this week, so Mom took me out for dinner. She got a chirashi-don (a bowl of rice with various fish/toppings), while I got a hamachi-don (a bowl of rice with yellowtail sashimi) and a couple of salmon rolls. 33 more words

Photo Journal

If cooking was like comedy, this would be stand up

According Jonah Weiner, Jerry Seinfeld’s success stems from audience intimacy. It’s about making small things appear big. And it’s about obsessing over details like building a Japanese cricket cage.  729 more words

Food Finds

More than meat: At soon-to-open Meat Market in Palm Beach, crudo anyone?

When Meat Market, which debuted in 2008 in Miami Beach, opens its third location in Palm Beach on Sept. 22, local patrons will quickly figure out that it has as much to do with staples of a classic steakhouse—prime cuts, indulgent side dishes, refined wine list—as it does a divergence from them, too. 250 more words

Palm Beach Restaurants

Son of a Gun, Los Angeles review

Don’t judge a fish by its scales! To the West 3rd Street passerby, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s summery seafood joint Son of a Gun… 548 more words

Los Angeles Restaurants

Old Games, and Playing Multiplayer After the Servers have Shut Down

LAN Gaming over VPN: Probably the best way to get multiplayer working with old games?

As much as PC gaming is way better than consoles on this front- games on consoles often have their online servers shut down after as little time as a year, rendering their online multiplayer portions forever dead- sometimes you come across games which relied on a server browser hosted on a service which no longer exists (I’m looking at you, Gamespy!) and an absence of ability to host and connect to dedicated third-party servers. 249 more words