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An Inauguration with no President: What's Karzai's Next Move?

Stories that the palace is currently in decoration mode for the inauguration scheduled for Sept 2 (see RFL here) are pushing the electoral process to a tipping point.   511 more words

The Price of Legitimacy

With less than a week before the potential inauguration, diplomats and the candidates are scrambling to make a deal that will circumvent at least some of the flaws with the current process.   324 more words

Abdullah Abdullah threatens to Withdraw from Afghanistan Election Audit

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah threatened on Tuesday to withdraw from an audit of votes cast in the election, a move that could wreck UN efforts to rescue the country’s first democratic transfer of power. 262 more words


Afghanistan-Below The Fold

Yesterday the government of Afghanistan prevented New York Times senior correspondent Matthew Rosenberg from leaving the country, detaining him for his refusal to reveal a source. 433 more words

Current Affairs

American Major General murdered in "insider attack"

U.S. General Assassinated by terrorist in Afghan Military attire

A fellow Afghan dressed in an Army uniform fired at a military base, killing a U.S. General and wounding 15 people including a German general and a number of American troops. 455 more words

National Security

Death of a statesman

Al Jazeera – 25 September 2011

Assassinated former Afghan president Rabbani began his career as a firebrand professor before becoming venerated elder.

“O Professor, your blood will not have been spilt in vain. 2,340 more words


Karzai's cousin killed in Afghanistan attack

Police said Hashmat Karzai was killed when he was greeting visitors, arriving at his home to celebrate Eid
Death of Hashmat Karzai, who managed presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani’s campaign, seen as blow to stability efforts. 8 more words