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Why exactly is 'Haider' offending India's Twitter nationalists?

For Scroll.in on 3 October 2014

Patriotic Indian Twitter users are asking people to not see Haider. I wonder if they saw the same film as I did. 875 more words


Hammered: the USSR 1920-1946

It was a decade for revolution.

Ireland’s Easter Rising of 1916, China’s own shift of power in 1912, and the Russian Revolution of 1917.  Pre-revolution the Russian Empire was only exceeded in its sheer total acreage by the British and Mongol empires, but by 1922 several smaller revolutions and conflicts sparked by the one seen in 1917 had transformed the landscape.   981 more words

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Release From This Mortal Coil: A Reader's Response to Hamlet

Since we just read the famous “To be or not to be” speech, I think it is appropriate to talk about the theme of suicide. “To be or not to be” sounds a lot like to live or to do is the real question being asked. 380 more words


An Obsession with Mortality

“To be or not to be” that is the obsession.

Hamlet is a pretty crazy guy, which is understandable considering the pretty crazy situation he’s in. 418 more words


Is Hamlet's Morality Good or Bad?: A Reader's Response to Hamlet

I think that everyone would agree that Hamlet has gone through quite a bit by the time the play begins. He has not only lost his father, but his mother soon married his uncle, Claudius, oddly without hesitation, making him the new king. 777 more words


Beowulf and Hamlet: Polar Opposite Heroes

Hamlet doesn’t strike me as a traditional protagonist in the slightest. He lacks confidence, power, adoration, optimism along with mental stability,  and seems to be the complete opposite of a classic hero like Beowulf. 512 more words


The Lion King: Hamlet Without Hamlet

Will Shakespeare and Disney: arguably the two most influential creators ever. Sure, one is an Elizabethan playwright and the other is a billion dollar corporation, but Mr. 4,060 more words