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Harry's Busy Schedule

Feeling the effects of his new schedule, Harry barely had time to read Effie’s letters and write back. He explained the topic of one of his classes and provided Effie with a sketch of the creature (seen above). 112 more words

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What Will People Think?

In today’s letter, Effie covered the possible (and actual) reactions of other people to her engagement. She told him that her mother had written Lottie, her orphaned first cousin who had been adopted by her parents. 121 more words

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Harry Reveals His Previous Anguish and Describes Purdue University

On this day Harry wrote several pages describing his emotions and thoughts since he realized he loved Effie. As a cousin (second rather than third, as he observed in the letter), she had spent time with his family in Madison, New Jersey. 167 more words

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Harry's Travelogue Continues

Many of Harry Osborn’s letters were enlivened with deft sketches. In the one he wrote on September 11, he continued his description of his trip from New York to Lafayette, Indiana, and included the drawings seen above. 190 more words

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Traveling to Purdue University

Harry Osborn and Effie Loag wrote to each other nearly every day they were apart between their engagement on 8 September 1884 and their wedding on 8 July 1886. 164 more words

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It was the day of something new.

Maybe sitting around in my first grad class that has the basic structure of a workshop class I took in undergrad with a more diverse group of folks wouldn’t thrill others but, it thrilled me. 192 more words


Good Food: First Day Food Activity

This semester I am teaching a first year seminar (FYSEM) called Good Food: Eating and Culture. The primary goal of the class—in addition to all of the standard introduction-to-college kinds of things required of all FYSEMs—is to consider what makes a food “good.” Humans can and do eat pretty much everything on the planet that won’t kill them, but what makes something good to eat is primarily dependent on sociocultural contexts. 1,049 more words