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How to Prevent Fits

The pressures of Harry’s “capers” and his family’s begrudging acceptance had made Effie’s week a miserable one. She told him that she was good at scolding, if that was what he needed. 104 more words

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Mutual Unhappiness

Effie again took Harry to task for being unreasonable about her letters. She revealed that she was miserable about his family’s attitude toward her and questioned Miss Belle’s feelings for him. 240 more words

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Musical Musings

Today Harry wrote on a number of musical subjects and revealed that he had received another critical letter from one of his sisters.

“…I could not help feeling that I have sinned in allowing these feelings of disappointment to get such control as they do.”  88 more words

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Catching Up On News

Effie tried to get Harry up to date on her activities, which included going to a play, an evening at the Zerfasses, seeing about new students and visiting the Seventh Regiment Armory ( 130 more words

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It All Came in Beautifully Today

After Harry’s mother visited, Effie and her mother had a heart-to-heart conversation about his need for letters. His youngest sister, Carrie, also had visited and had cleared up a number of misunderstandings. 122 more words

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Sibling Quarrels

Today Harry wrote more in depth about his relationship with his sisters and how they did not realize the sacrifices he had made on their account. 124 more words

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I’m Going to Suit Myself Now

In one of her frankest letters, Effie took control of her end of the correspondence.

“Dont try to make a baby of me for if you should succeed you’d surely regret it some time.”  88 more words

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