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To Hamline and Back Again

Hamline University is a small private college in St. Paul where I earned my undergraduate degree and spent my formative years trying to shake my shyness and become something more than the sweet, smart, quiet girl I was in high school. 634 more words


Engagement Etiquette

Effie responded to Harry’s suggestion that she visit his family by telling him that it was their place to make the first move; she couldn’t just foist herself upon them. 124 more words

Hamline University

Playing Skat

In a short letter, Effie wrote using the metaphor of the card game Skat for her skirmishes with her mother about writing letters. She had at last put her foot down on the subject. 99 more words

Hamline University

Adding to the Pocketbook

Harry and Effie both wrote of earning money in today’s letters: he by writing articles for periodicals and she by teaching as many piano lessons as possible. 203 more words

Hamline University

Guns, Surplus Priorities Split Dayton, Johnson

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican challenger Jeff Johnson confronted one another Sunday over claims being made in their race during a debate that showcased differences on Minnesota budget and gun policy.Democratic Gov. 570 more words


Character Defects

Harry continued to fret over not receiving enough letters and proposed to write only after he had received one from Effie. He urged her to visit his family to gauge their feelings about the engagement. 180 more words

Hamline University

Illness in the House

Suffering from a severe cold, Effie wrote a short letter to tell Harry why she hadn’t been writing more. Besides that, her mother had also been very sick and the boarders had been taking up what she felt was more than a fair share of her time. 98 more words

Hamline University