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E Street Flats is a homey, and comfortable place with great places to study or to have fun; movie room, ping pong, etc.  Having Wi-Fi, TV, Heat Air, and other utilities included makes living here very convenient and comfortable.

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Getting Schooled

Harry wrote again about needing words of love and worried that Effie still felt hurt.

“My nature is very impulsive & emotional.” Osborn, Henry 1884-11-26… 84 more words

Hamline University

Bitterness and Gush

Effie’s letter today was the longest that she had written to Harry, so far. However, far from the words of love (gush) that he requested in the letter that he wrote on the 24th, it was full of scathing criticism of his sister Sue. 179 more words

Hamline University

Writing at Cross Purposes

Harry wrote today about his interest in Germans, asking for his mother’s intervention with his sisters, and activities at Purdue.

Meanwhile, Effie continued to worry about being unable to please Harry in regard to the frequency of her letters and gave him a scolding. 153 more words

Hamline University

My Pen Fails Me

Harry wrote in response to Effie’s letter about Sue’s reaction to their engagement and encouraged her to tell him all her feelings.

“Latin is nice to know & Virgil is good to have read but I put a higher price on the things in education that are useful & can be made a source of comfort & joy every day.”  88 more words

Hamline University

How to Prevent Fits

The pressures of Harry’s “capers” and his family’s begrudging acceptance had made Effie’s week a miserable one. She told him that she was good at scolding, if that was what he needed. 104 more words

Hamline University

Mutual Unhappiness

Effie again took Harry to task for being unreasonable about her letters. She revealed that she was miserable about his family’s attitude toward her and questioned Miss Belle’s feelings for him. 240 more words

Hamline University