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Cold Climate

In today’s letter, Effie covered her Christmas preparations, the cold weather in NYC and her earlier trip to see “Don Giovanni.” And, she finally responded to Harry’s apology for causing her anguish. 177 more words

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Five Letter Day

On the Saturday before Christmas, Harry and Effie spent a lot of time writing. Harry’s first two letters were short, touching on Effie’s health, instructions for the presents he had sent and a satisfying letter from Sue. 306 more words

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Christmas Preparations

Effie was feeling somewhat better but her letter shows that her concentration wasn’t at its best. Harry’s mother had been to visit and had treated Effie kindly. 215 more words

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A Little Scratch

A terrible headache kept Effie from writing a long letter.

“I’ll never dare complain of your illegible writing after all this mess, but I go more by feeling than anything, for I am almost blind today so dont be disgusted if it is hard to read.” … 88 more words

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School Days - Past and Present

Student activities at Purdue reminded Harry of his own experiences. He wrote of two current students (Stalter and White) who were disciplined over a shooting incident. 117 more words

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Hunting and Popularity

Today, Harry reassured Effie that she was central to his plans for the future and told her about hunting with Professor Smith. The “Schenks ” to whom he refers were Effie’s cousin Minnie Hewson Schenck and her family. 186 more words

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Professor Talks AP's Legal Options Following Denied Appeal

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Adrian Peterson continues to make headlines, two days after the NFL decided to deny his appeal and keep him suspended.

Now, the former MVP has reportedly told ESPN he’s planning to file a lawsuit against the NFL, and if the lawsuit doesn’t work he may retire. 124 more words