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Clothes for model

Once I had finished painting the texture, I exported the painted texture files from Adobe Photoshop in to Blender.

Before I apply the maps, I am experimenting with my model in Blender to add some sort of clothing/armor, as I don’t want to leave him naked. 109 more words

Hammerhead Shark Takes Student For A Ride In His Kayak

A fishing trip for a 22-year-old student at Florida Atlantic University took an unexpected detour when a hammerhead shark decided to drag him along the Atlantic coast for over two hours. 224 more words


Video: Shark Takes Kayaker on Two Hour Ride

The hammerhead shark and kayaker showdown on Sunday was captured on video by the kayaker’s head-mounted camera and includes some underwater images of the hammerhead shark. 39 more words

Video Of The Day: Man Catches 14 Foot Hammerhead Shark

Most of us have swam/fished in the Atlantic Ocean, some of have swam/fished off the coast of Florida.

We all know that there are big “predators” in the waters but it’s a chance and risk we take. 22 more words


Using sculpting tools in Zbrush

Here is a print screen of my character in Zbrush. I am using the sculpting tools to add detail and make other things smoother. Its already looking like a hammerhead shark which I am really pleased about.

Shark Conservation: Colombia Announces Continuing Commitment

By AN Staff

WASHINGTON, February 27, 2014—Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed his country’s intent to expand existing legal protection of sharks and plans to halt the import and export of sharks and shark parts. 744 more words