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Katie! It's me Gracey, I've caught on now, took so looong

Yeah, this Kate Bush malarky. All returning to do a big tour like 35 years after her last one? Sounds like some money making for Miss Bush doesn’t it? 803 more words


Kate Bush live: The theatre's already in the music (a short screed)

On Wednesday evening I was at the penultimate Kate Bush gig. I went without expectations, hoping only to experience whatever it was that Bush, whose songs I used to play obsessively on the piano as a teenager, chose to present to us. 1,382 more words


The wonder of Kate Bush.

Somehow miraculously last Thursday I received a text that pretty much made my year.

“Mate, my friend has got a spare ticket for Kate Bush tomorrow you still looking for one?” 358 more words


Kate Bush - Before The Dawn - Hammersmith Apollo Saturday 27th September 2014

Finally the wait was over and the excitement that had built up over the months since Kate Bush announced her return to the stage was about to reach its peak. 830 more words


Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls

Hammersmith Apollo, London

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A happy ending to the Kate Bush saga

I’ve been a journalist for more than seven years and during this time there have been numerous exclusive exposes I’ve written of which I’m particularly proud, yet the only¬†work¬†people ever talk to me about is my Kate Bush… 723 more words


Kate Bush - 'Before The Dawn' - Hammersmith Apollo - September 12, 2014

Thousands of words have already been posted and typed and printed about Kate Bush‘s ‘comeback’ shows in London, her first full concerts since the “Tour Of Life” in 1979. 1,670 more words