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Surburbia Symbiotica

I’m pretty sure symbiotica isn’t a word, but it illiterates nicely with suburbia and vaguely references the symbiotic relationship between the boys and their environs. 18 more words

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Verne Needs a New Agent

This is a real strong one. Funny and in character. I approve this cartoon.

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The One Where the Grown Ups Fight

This sums up Verne’s psychological problem perfectly. Loneliness leads to abusive relationship leads to loneliness. Verne needs new friends.

Though I’m pretty sure no one wants to read about a happy Verne. 14 more words

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Hmm... Cake

There’s only room in Hammy’s brain for one thought at a time. Cake takes a long time to think about.

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What Does Your Elbow Taste Like?

Actually Hammy’s elbow tastes like awesome sauce. Which is quite close to mango.

It’s true.

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Better Soccer Through Bazookas

Go ahead, say bazooka three times fast. Seriously. C’mon, just do it already. ┬áNOW!

You’re welcome.

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