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Hammy Bee Huggin'

I vote we make Hammy Ambassador to Vulcan. They’ll never know what hugged them.

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Ugh Brain farts caused me to play catch up...again.

So here I am again playing catch up on my blog, for the last 3 days/nights I have had severe brain farts…. I’d start a blog post and then completely lose my train of thought, or worse yet …write an entire blog entry then read it before clicking the publish button, not like what I wrote for this reason or that and end up deleting the whole damn thing…Ugh! 486 more words

My Wife

Spatulas At Dawn

Never go up against a spatula when silliness is on the line.

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Flatland Hammy

Technically, Verne could probably see Hammy in the third panel as they’re facing one another. Technically, animals don’t talk and walk on their hind legs and use little scrubby brushes to take baths either. So there’s that.

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Squirrel

Nothing is so silly that Hammy can’t make it sillier. It’s a gift. Like the thumbs.

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The One With Thumbs

RJ is not a work in progress.  RJ is a piece of work.

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