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Every Dog Has His Price

T’s dog here looks straight out of Tom and Jerry casting.  Vintage look.  Though stylin’ it with the studded spike collar.

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Learn to Hug the Big Rigs

I do marvel at T’s ability to draw any nonsense I write.  Cost-Lo, big rigs, a stadium full fans individually rendered. And he does it without complaint. 11 more words

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Meet my Family and other rambles (Photo)

This is Pauline my Beautiful Wonderful Loving Wife and our son Hammy,They are my very reason for living, Today (Sunday) was the first day that Hammy and I didn’t go see her, I haven’t slept since Thursday and am completely mentally physically and emotionally exhausted, I need down time, so today Hammy and I went shopping (for groceries) and some gifts for Pauline, we hit McDonalds, not the healthiest choice I know, but we needed a treat, we don’t often eat junk food. 267 more words


Snow Clones

The odds of two snowflakes being alike is about the same as humans evolving from single-cell organism. So, you know, it’s possible.

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Verne Smiles

See, Verne can have a positive experience. Not often. Hardly ever. Once or twice.

Don’t get used to it.

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