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The One Almost Entirely in the Dark

I write these black out panel cartoons to give T a break from drawing. No other reason. It’s just because I’m a nice guy. Who cares. 31 more words

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Extinction Event

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Wrote the history major.

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Toasty Nuts

Attention kids at home: Do not dry your underwear in the microwave! Bad idea! Do NOT do it! Please!

Over the Hedge: Responsible, Liability free cartoons since 1995.

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Surburbia Symbiotica

I’m pretty sure symbiotica isn’t a word, but it illiterates nicely with suburbia and vaguely references the symbiotic relationship between the boys and their environs. 18 more words

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Verne Needs a New Agent

This is a real strong one. Funny and in character. I approve this cartoon.

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