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This isn’t going to be Verne’s week. You know, as opposed to all the other weeks.

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Everybody Farts

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like fart jokes.

And adults.

Guess which category I fall into.

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Duct Tape Away Burp Dismemberment

Today’s title qualifies for the strangest title yet. We’ll see if it’s click-bait worthy.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say burp and dismemberment are two words that have never been next to each other in the history of the universe.

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Verne: Crack Addict

Poor Verne.  Always the door mat. Never the door.

Or something.

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Rest in Peas

Today’s title doesn’t make any sense. I just thought it was funny. Random funny. Non sequitur funny. Nonsense funny. Supercilious funny. ¬†Funny in a not supposed to be funny way. 13 more words

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Another busy day.... and a bit of this and that

So my wife got lots of rest yesterday and last night she slept really well (the cancer tires her easily), she was feeling better today and wanted to continue harvesting the front garden and the planter boxes, I think together we harvested almost 30 pounds of cherry and bell tomatoes and another 20 pounds of heirloom and beef steak tomatoes, most are still green and will need time to ripen. 514 more words

My Wife

Gravity is Huggy

Over the Hedge: Continuing a long tradition of gratuitous cartoon violence since 1995.

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