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What to wear in India

What to wear in India? The answer? Ridiculous T-shirts. There were so many good ones. Whereas Thailand and Bali offered crude and often offensive t-shirts, India was in a league of it’s own. 158 more words


Hampi Sunset

Hmmm…..one of those hot evenings when the world seems to be holding it’s breath. A time when you have to take stock as the sun goes down. 78 more words


Don't worry be Hampi

As we approached Hampi we were greeted by an incredible landscape. Paddy fields and banana plantations interspersed with surreal giant boulders sitting on top of each other at improbable angles (I still have no idea how they came to be here and need to pick my Geologist Uncle’s brain). 591 more words


Hello, 2015! :D

2014 was a mess for me. It came, and it went. Just like that. It brought along with it plenty of studying, my first brush with failure, an unforgettable travel experience, heartbreak, so much stress, wanderlust, much joy, more studying, plenty of hellos and many goodbyes. 268 more words

Me To You