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Your Guide to Karnataka Holidays

Karnataka is the pleasure of Southern India and certain must in India Travel. Here the tap of Carnatic music soothes soul, expressive Bharatnatyam wins your hearts, food is a pleasure and the weather is relaxing and attractions give you plenty to explore. 700 more words


Living by Giving through India (Ch. 33 - Pure Love)

The sun is setting and the light of the soft Indian sun is reflecting off the water to highlight her majestic features. I have only just locked eyes with her and I decide ask “excuse me, when the Indian people show their love to foreigners they’ve never met before is it really from their hearts or not?” 479 more words

Peter Sharp

Living by Giving through India (Ch. 32 - The Excuse)

I cross the river and see Ananda and his friends waiting on the other side chatting in a small circle, I break the news to them and they are well and truly confused. 273 more words

Peter Sharp

Hampi: Temple Town

Or also the town where you might accidentally find yourself spending more time than you planned. 711 more words


Religion and Humanity

India is a perfect example of how all the religions blend together and form one identity as – Indians. For me this is humanity… 22 more words

Living by Giving through India (Ch. 30 - The Crazy Guru)

He has a warm and very intriguing fire in his eyes, he mumbles a few abstract english words from behind his grey beard. This man is covered in more bling than 50 cent on his birthday and his energy appears surprised yet magnetised.  1,154 more words

Peter Sharp

Living by Giving through India (Ch. 29 - Collecting the Essence)

After a delicious coconut rice breakfast Ananda asks if I’d like to take a shower. I agree but don’t realise that i’d have to collect the cold water from the open water pipe sticking out of the ground up the hill first. 612 more words