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Corpse Song

Go on going grey,
sitting like a stone Buddha,
the hairs on your head
your arms
your hidden parts
thinning into silver
whispers of what… 171 more words

Ladder Merchants

Beware of those
selling ladders into

Make your home
on the ground,
a narrow path through
serrated mountains.
Stay close to the earth,
the dark soil… 119 more words

Until Then

Sometime today I have to
get to the laundry, shower,
organize the books and coffee table,
unclog the kitchen sink,
gas the car up and drive an hour… 136 more words


I have sold my sword
for a brush.

I have cashed in my horse
for a Persian carpet.

I go now
kneeling among the thorns… 179 more words


Wait till I die
to tell your children
I am the madman of my house.

Wait till I have
lost my fangs, talons,
my mouth that farts. 185 more words


Cold morning -
sitting on this pavement
the bones of my butt
feel bare.

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Sound vs Silence - and letting go of both in your meditation - The Shurangama Sutra

In the Shurangama Sutra, the Buddha gives a simple, real life example.

Ring a bell – diiiing….

You hear a sound.  And then the sound gradually fades away – until there is no sound anymore: 537 more words