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hanbok muslimah free wallpaper by dewi

to get this wallpaper follow @dewirizzky, and ask to send the theme to your email. also send your email


"I'll Go Back To Heaven" illustration

A simple illustration for the poem “I’ll go back to Heaven” by Chon Sang-Pyong.


A Korean Wedding

First and foremost, please not that I am referring to a Korean version of a western wedding and not a traditional Korean wedding. The traditional Korean wedding was done in private. 721 more words

Social Life

Mission 6 ~~~ Decoding, Frustration and Fairies

Some crazy nutcase friend of mine, let’s call her R, recently asked if there are fairies in the Bible.
No, really. It happened. Her words were; ‘Are there fairies in the Bible?’ 676 more words

K-pop Academy Homework (Week 6)

The last time I made origami was a looong time ago so I was really looking forward to trying it out again- this time making Hanbok and Ttakji!  526 more words

~ Origami ~ 종이접기~ ! ^.^

This week’s homework, was to do certain origami…

* * * A collage made of theArt pieces” at the very endㅋㅋㅋ * 333 more words