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Korean First Birthday party

It was Jessica’s first birthday – a big thing to celebrate in Korea! Since the impoverished times of the Korean war which ended in 1953, surviving birth for 100 days is also a celebration here, but it is fading out a little, as good food and good health are now easy to obtain. 477 more words

South Korea

One, two, three...kimchi - A taste of South Korea

When I was trying on the Korean traditional costume, the hanbok, the owner of our guest house, holding the camera, said “one, two, three…kimchi!”, instead of “smile” or “cheese”. 283 more words


Photo shoot and Paranoia

So Rose and I both have hanboks. Rose’s is probably one that is mostly for tourists. Mine I got from the flea market, unfortunately mine only came in pink. 506 more words

Văn hóa – Phong tụ của người Hàn Quốc

1. Gặp gỡ và chào hỏi

Người Hàn Quốc rất chú trọng đến thái độ và cử chỉ khi chào hỏi. Nụ cười và động tác gập lưng không thể thiếu trong văn hóa chào hỏi ở Hàn Quốc. 1,732 more words

Mass dancing in Pyongyang

Perhaps one of the most well known images of North Korea: mass dances. Whether it concerns a dance on the streets or a very impressive Arirang Games dance, the Koreans know how to boogie, and boogie in style. 121 more words

korean wedding

i was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a korean wedding! while it wasn’t fully traditional it was still really fun and interesting to see. 279 more words


Jeonju Hanok Village

Photo glimpses into my trip to Jeonju in June. I loved the hanok village and all the little delicious food that they had to offer there.