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Always wanted to buy a L’Occitane hand cream, but could never part the cash? If the answer is yes (or even if it is no) today is your lucky day! 163 more words


Valentine Gifts Most Loved

Best  Valentine’s  Gifts  Most  Loved

Made  In  England

” COWSHED ”  An  Award-Winning  Bath,  Body,  Hand  and  Skin  Care  Products

If  You  Love  Natural  and  Organic  Ingredients… 9 more words


Cure Rough, Dry Men's Hands – Vine Vera Reviews

Rough or dry hands are painful and the cracked skin easily gets infected if it does not heal in the right manner. Having rough and dry hands is quite common for… 558 more words

Vine Vera

The Childs Farm Hand Care Gift Bag

We’re already fans of Childs Farm in this house, having tried the Shampoo and Conditioner we were smitten. Chloe suffers with Eczema and Lola can be prone to it too, so it’s important to  us what we put on their skin. 272 more words


Dry hands... You need to invest in these bad boys.

I for one suffer from dry hands.  Every winter no matter what, bam my hands are dry.  One of my essentials that I always carry with me in my hand bag are hand creams, I can’t go anywhere without carrying one. 725 more words


Help Turn Back The Hands of Time---On Your Hands

Our hands are usually one of the first areas on our body to show signs of aging and it’s no wonder, after all we do use them constantly. 546 more words

Anti Aging

RITUALS | Miracle Scrub

This Miracle Scrub from RITUALS is just beyond anything I’ve ever used for my hands.

“A hand scrub containing nourishing oils which are easily absorbed, restoring the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance 

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