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Lights For Learning

Lights for Learning charity bring solution to disadvantaged communities in poor areas in africa who are left without electricity at their home. The charity installs Photovoltaic (PV) panels on roofs to harvest energy as well as lamps inside. 132 more words

My Family In The Future (In My Sketch)

Sudah otomatis, reaksi siapapun yang lihat gambar ini pasti… SENYUM karena kebodohan saya. Hahaha

I just really need 30 minutes for drawing this. Karena alasan iseng, mengisi waktu bosan melihat hitungan angka-angka seharian. 34 more words


Food for u

A great day begins with great breakfast!

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Destination? Staycation!

I’ve just finalized an illustration about the art of enjoying stay-at-home-vacation, also called staycation.
BTW, I’m quite happy about the self-designed armchair and closet! Having such pieces of furniture could definitly make me stay at home,…at least a bit more!


Nhàn tản

Mình vẽ bức chấm tram này cách đây vài tháng. Vẽ tay có vẻ cực hơn vẽ máy, nhưng thực ra vẽ tay thoải mái cho tay hơn, vai cũng đỡ mỏi hơn so với việc cầm bút vẽ điện tử, vẽ vẽ trên tablet. 73 more words

Duck Man


FiNALLY STARTED EDiTiNG MY OWN ZiNE. It’ll include my sketches, ideas, thoughts and some other surprises I don’t even know about! I’ve already made some of my own publications and posted them online, but without any specific and consistent theme or design, and to be honest I didn’t even know what a zine was all about. 113 more words

lemon water recipe

Champignon recipe series –  Lemon water

It is easy to make, and lemon with honey is very good for keeping fit!

I tried for a few months, it helps me slim down and improve skin quality, 12 more words