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Easter stash buster

Have been visiting a sick relative over the last few days so not conducive to undertaking any large projects but the ideal time to attack the stash! 38 more words


K- knot weeds and sticks

I’m a hobbyist knitter. I play with string and sticks and make endless knots, which results in kinda nifty things.  Although there are some who are “rabid” enthusiasts (I mean no offense) plying their trade with zeal, I’m sadly not one of this group. 721 more words


Socky things to do at 5 am

As a direct result of both A) getting new ear piercings yesterday and B) missing my boyfriend (if you’re reading this, hi, sweetie!), I got four hours of sleep and have been up for another two already. 453 more words


Game of Tea Cosies - number 3

So here’s the third in my Game of Thrones homage tea cosies – House Greyjoy. They rejoice in the wonderful motto of “We do not sow” – well, mate, neither do I…I knit or crochet (although sometimes I’m forced to sew a few seams if common sense has got the better of me and I’ve started on a sweater). 68 more words


Leslye Borden - Founder of Handmade Especially for You

Julian Omidi profiles the founder of Handmade Especially for You, Leslye Borden.

Sometimes, having someone make a kind and thoughtful gesture, even if it is small, can make all the difference in our feelings of self worth.  556 more words

Julian Omidi

By George, she's GoT it - 2

And another one bites the dust – this time House Tyrell gets the makeover in my Game of Thrones tea cosy homage.  I love making crochet roses so this one gave me a lot of pleasure, despite being a really simple design. 52 more words