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Paper Making In the Sunshine


I had a bag full of scrap paper, receipts and things that you don’t really want floating around, so i soaked them all in water with a tiny bit of bleach so it didn’t start going funky, and turned them into new paper! 6 more words

waiting for the nail polish to dry

form is the first instruction,
*of course it never trumps content*

titles are the second instruction
so the adage about whether or not you can tell a book by its cover *if it’s lucky enough to have one* is not altogether true… 45 more words

Writer's Life

Singapore's Favorite Poem

Jess C. Scott, author, artist and general non-conformist, nominates as her favorite Singapore poem “Lovers” by Tania De Rozario. Scott writes, “To me, it thoroughly captures that moment of absolute realization that a person deserves better in a relationship–that their own self-respect is more valuable than whether they are being (superficially) loved. 377 more words


making way

step two: collating and finishing pages in preparation for step three: binding (making tabs and gluing as an accordion) and finally step four: sewing the book into a folio… 31 more words

Writer's Life


past dithering now, a complexity of decisions turning into a book, the process always offers a window into how the doing is not the same as the imagining, I’ve printed most of the pages and made several of the drawings and come to see the inconvenient error I  nearly made in the imagining… 34 more words

Writer's Life