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Hand in Hand, Enas Mohmad

Enas Mohmad is seen shaking the hand of an official of Hand in Hand in Gaza City, after having a very cordial meeting last week.

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Enas Mohmad

Hand To Hand

Krav Maga experts not withstanding, how many of you would enter into hand to hand combat by choice?

I wouldn’t working on the principle if you are close enough to do damage to them, 495 more words


Military Fighting Techniques!

Check out this video footage of Royal Marine Commandos hand-to-hand-combat demonstration.

Although this isn’t the real deal, and just a demonstration to entertain the general public – there are some effective martial arts techniques like the ippon seoi nage, tomonage, ogoshi, juji-gatame, hadaka jime (sleeper hold), … 118 more words