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Graphic Art - Hand with Pen

I took a photograph of my hand as a guide to draw the outlines before detailing and colouring in. I have used SAI software with a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. 37 more words


[ARTICLE] Training modalities in robot-mediated upper limb rehabilitation in stroke: a framework for classification based on a systematic review - Full Text


Our review shows that most of the literature about robot-mediated therapy for stroke survivors refers to subjects in chronic phase. In the same way, training most frequently targeted the proximal arm. 230 more words


Giant paper hand

Not finished yet, I’ll continue working on it next week

Best Rugby FENDS and HAND OFF!! [PART 1]

Song- Murphy Lee- My shoes. ————————-IGNORE THIS CRAP——————————————————————— roger tuivasa-shec…