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A 'Sinister' Plot? Everything's left-handed!

I’m desperately trying to help my right arm catch up with my left arm, but everything seems to be on the left – at least to me! 195 more words

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Easybrake or Why I Am Thinking About Dumping Handbrake for Video Compression

I make a lot of videos, and use Handbrake to compress them before uploading them on the web. Today I stumbled across Easybrake, which is a video compression tool based on the Handbrake engine. 177 more words


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A week ago I told you about my temporary difficulties in organizing my projects: it was not procrastination, but only a kind of conjectural “mismanagement”. 192 more words

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Failure is an option

Hey everyone.  I have a lot to cover today so I’m just going to jump right in and get going.

As the title suggests, I failed the Linux 365 challenge.   1,206 more words