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新產品wire jewellery正式上架

之前講過小店會有不同的新品陸續上架,不過因要先全力完成手上的訂造單,所以這件事就變得一直只聞樓梯響。最近手上的訂造單陸續完成,終於可把新作品拍照上架供大家選購了。Wire Jewellery 戒指款式HKD$80, 手鈪款式HKD$120 (包郵,以小郵包形式寄出,面交只限西鐵天水圍站)

生活總是充滿挑戰,經常留意小店及Tricia wedding floral 的朋友都發覺6 月起我少了更新,連status都不見了。那是因為剛好正職工作上的職務調動、準備新屋裝修及搬家、家事、訂造單製作遇上麻煩等等事情同時出現,不得不放慢腳步只顧好正職工作再繼續自己的最愛的小副業。眼見其他的小店的出品越來越多及好,我又出現了「我做的夠好嗎?」的念頭,我知自己不該跟別人比較,但比較也算是自我upgrade的一種吧。

生活上的小麻煩快過去了,我也愛上了製作wire jewellery,新品陸續來(笑)


Dokra- The lost wax method

The beauty of dokra is that every dokra artifact is unique in the world; no two dokras are the same. The reason for this is dokra is completely handcrafted and therefore, the shapes are not perfect, and the symmetries are not mirror images produced like in computer graphics. 367 more words


The wedding we made

Yoe and I did not have a cheap wedding. But we did everything we could to make it as less costly as possible. That meant a lot of DIYs and bless my husband, he was all for it. 748 more words

Patience and Beadwork (article on Shatter the Looking Glass Magazine)

We had been told that local women were afraid that incoming people might steal their beads patterns therefore we outlined the reasons of our visit in advance. 203 more words


NGO Amazon Pueblo promotes jungle crafts and wearable art

Amazon Pueblo, NGO that helps indigenous community La Libertad in Amazon rainforest, is promoting local handcrafts on fundraising events and crafts venues in USA. It is nice to hear that NGO I was… 62 more words


CROCHET: Pattern for the Reversible Shell Afghan and an awesome pair of linkies!

I was so hot, I just had to take a break, so here you go . . . Please note, I am not referring to FIFA again for four years (well, except for the women’s matches, of course! 988 more words


The Alphabet Book for Baby

When I said that I’m making a quiet book for my newborn son, a friend of mine suggested me to make an alphabet book. I thought, okay, it’d be easy enough. 162 more words