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The Re-Genesis Hour - Sunday Photo Fiction

The Re-Genesis Hour

There was still half an hour before dawn when Gina, the serving maid, slipped open the door. The boy pulled himself down the steps, scuttling sideways on his misshapen stumps and keeping a hand on the railing for support. 155 more words


Encounter: The girl in the store

Hi readers. Today I was in a store and had an encounter with children. Kids are often curious and ask a lot of uncomfortable questions like “what’s wrong with you?” or “were you in an accident?” And my personal favorite “why is your face like that?”. 149 more words


Handicapped man burned in Willimantic fire

WILLIMANTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — A handicapped man is being treated for burns after he was rescued from a house fire in Willimantic Wednesday afternoon.

Fire officials tell News 8 the fire broke out just after 12:30 p.m. 76 more words


Handicapped Washrooms

Since I moved to Toronto I’ve always wondered how people in wheelchairs go to restaurants in this city? Seemingly all the washrooms in restaurants are always downstairs and there are often steps up or down to get into the establishments. 16 more words


The other day in Beijing I saw something I thought was incredible...

The other day in Beijing I saw something I thought was incredible. Maybe some here will think the same:

A friend and I turned a corner. 264 more words


"You Don't Look Sick To Me"

This week I would like to focus on a situation that plagues many people with disabilities.

Last Sunday when my mom got out from church she found a note that said: “You don’t look handicapped to me!” This was in reference to the fact the she has handicapped plates and parked in a handicap parking space. 559 more words