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This Is God's Day

From – Practicing The Presence

by Joel Goldsmith

This Is God’s Day

Father, this is Your day, the day which You have made.  You made the sun to rise; You have given light and warmth to the earth; You have given us the rains and the snows; the seasons of the year are Yours, “seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night.”  This is Your day. 279 more words


In Plain Sight

“Because what is known about God is plain to them, since God has made it plain to them. 20 For ever since the creation of the universe His invisible qualities — both His eternal power and His divine nature — have been clearly seen, because they can be understood from what He has made. 281 more words

Daily Teaching

Living the Good Life

My mom used to tell a story that happened when I was around 6 years old. She said that I had asked to get one of the toys out of those vending machines in the grocery store and when I did and didn’t get what I wanted, I marched right back in the store to try and get my quarter back. 980 more words

Silly hats

UPDATE: Silly Hat now on Etsy!

Now, first up you may think I’m procrastinating, when I should be working on the cassock pattern. And you are probably right. 484 more words


good old-fashioned correspondence

A few years ago I posted a list of ways we can encourage our kids to practice reading and writing at home. One strategy I suggested (I believe it was #7) was having your kid write a letter to an adult relative or friend, and making sure that adult (i.e., coordinating with him/her ahead of time!) immediately sends a letter back–preferably with a treat enclosed. 278 more words

Yes I've Always Been Like This

Standard of Wholesomeness

I sometimes wonder how we as a nation have lost what I call a “standard of wholesomeness.” I would define that standard as treating others with dignity and respect, and finding ways to live so that everyone experiences what is good, not just me. 318 more words

Scott Fine

Shadow Divers Exhibit

Click image to enlarge. Nine dioramas created to represent separate events relating to the “Elmhurst Reads” program- the entire community reads the same book at the same time. 49 more words