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365 Grateful: 10.29.2014

Grateful for the hard work of others who are making this house a reality. I’ve not met many of them, because they slip in and out like elves, but their handiwork remains behind. Thank you!


Love Coffee

In regards to the password protected post: if you want to read protected posts, leave me a comment and I will probably e-mail you the secret code. 477 more words



BIRDS OR ELVES? My dear ladies and occasional gentleman THANK YOU for your kind interest in my entries for our ANNUAL VILLAGE AUTUMN SHOW.

In the FAIR TRADE ZINC FRAME is my ART TEXTILE entry of free-style hand stitching. 118 more words

poppies, posies, favors!

Upon completing my substantive edits for Mad Miss Mimic I was overcome by a fit of exuberant craftiness. I bought a digital download of vintage opium-poppy illustrations on Etsy, printed the images on card stock, and tied them with ribbons to specialty single-serve teas. 53 more words


Playing Catch-up

Oh hey there, 4 month blog break.  It certainly hasn’t been for lack of content, but we’ve been in a 4-month survival period from which we’re slowly emerging.   314 more words


Something by me... & ChefSteps

Finally, I get to share something that I had a hand in this year.

One of my film adventures this year included working with a company called ChefSteps, a high-tech cooking company committed to changing the way people cook.   88 more words


Program Guide - Green, clean, and beautiful

With issues cropping up every day, the environmental and fiscal cost of print rising, and timing being a setback on production, I am incredibly proud of what we were able to produce. 21 more words