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Stress: Handling it with a compartmentalized life

Life is like a sailing ship. A ship that is sea-worthy has a number of separate compartments. When in stormy weather, one compartment might get damaged but will not cause the boat to sink. 450 more words

Calm Mind

The Power of Stress

Life is tough. Sure, you probably aren’t living in a 3rd world country fighting each day to survive. But there are extra responsibilities and tasks that people in those countries don’t really have to face. 939 more words

Three Secrets for Hanging on to Joy

Joy might be the most important ingredient for an abundant life in Christ, yet it’s the one we lose most easily. I should know. I lost mine at the mini-mart last Thursday. 543 more words


‘Tis the season to be stressed - How to leave stress behind you for good; Part Two

The first and most important step is admitting to ourselves when we are stressed, hopefully last week’s exercises will have helped you to see more easily whether you are stressed. 400 more words


Peace And Stress: How We Can Create A Way Out.

When we talk about serenity, warmth, peace, calmness and a stress-free being; we are lost as to why we can not seem to be identified with these things and it bugs us. 744 more words

What's So Bad About Multitasking?

Multitasking can be a beautiful thing.  You accomplish many things at a time, make plenty of people happy and have time to do more of what ever else  570 more words


‘Tis the season to be stressed - How to leave stress behind you for good; Part One

It’s December and the festive season is upon us once again. Ahead of us lay hours of rushing through shops trying to mark off items from our seemingly endless shopping lists, barging through the crowds on our way. 952 more words