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Stress in the Workplace - How to Diminish and Take Care of its Effects on You

Once we have worked the same job for a really long time, it is pretty simple to become bogged down with stress. Taking as it comes and ignoring it is something humans tend to do, as they are astonishingly accommodating individuals. 460 more words


Stress in the Workplace - How to Diminish and Take Care of its Effects on You

Becoming hindered by stress is way too easy once we have worked in the same job for quite some time, and had to deal with it day in and day out. 504 more words

Social Anxiety

Lessons from a Turtle

I call it “Manong*.” It’s the tiny turtle in our aquarium.

After swimming with the other creatures in the aquarium, it goes up on the tallest rock and looks down on the water with a seemingly relaxed/sleepy stance, as if having a timeout from all the going-ons below. 166 more words

The Two Best Ways Theory

Stress, worries and fears are inseparable part of life. I have practiced many methods to get rid of all such energy sucking emotions. Without going into the details of… 274 more words


Frustration, Distraction and Apologies

Note: This post is not going to be particularly fascinating since I’m not exactly in the best condition to express my thoughts right now. So if you don’t want to read through some useless rambling, feel free to skip this part. 668 more words


Ways to Influence How Stress in the Workplace Effects You

Tension at the job is usually in manufacturing countries and most definitely in the U.S. In reality the two are most indeed quite the same. Your occupation is probably the one thing that will have the highest levels of worry in your everyday life. 450 more words


A Tale of Two Mountains

Many of us have heard the expression of “mountain top” and “valley” experiences. The past month or two, or three, have been mountain top ones, alright. 522 more words