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Post project plans

Whilst we had to submit our final report at the end of term, work on the project has not finished completely. For example, we are currently sorting out a handover date with our stakeholder and ensuring everything is in order for that.

Day 17 - Bedside manners, sorry and triggers.

This morning I was woken up by a nurse…..



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Not sure if you can hear the recording but basically a few nurses came into my room switched the light on and said ‘peekaboo’ in a really fucking annoying voice and explained she had to do the ‘beside’ handover and asked me about the changes in my medication….which was incorrect anyway. 1,188 more words

The Triple D

Is it worth fighting about? More importantly, is it worth fighting for?

I had a fight with Mr S about our worsened situations in Hong Kong since the handover to China in 1997, in particular the past 2 years. 1,890 more words


Shout out

So we’ve just wasted the whole morning waiting for the antenna guy to turn up, who eventually didn’t turn up and he couldn’t care less. I wonder how much time Australians collectively waste on waiting for tradesmen to turn up. 173 more words

Post Handover


We’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for a long time.

We completed final inspection and collected our keys today. I was so hungry and the weather didn’t help, I just want to go home and eat my lunch. 170 more words


LTE S1-interface handover between eNodeBs

LTE networks prefer using the X2 interface for performing inter eNodeB handovers. An S1 handover is a fallback for scenarios where X2 interface is not available. 59 more words