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July 29, 2014


(Number 577)

Two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, two feet, two hands, one nose, one mouth. Except for paint jobs and some plumbing, we’re all the same.

We all need a friend to come alongside us now and then.

The stigma of Self Harm makes it difficult to ask for help.

Let’s all hold hands together as we help our children to grow in security and self worth.


Lust III

“Everything you do,
is sexy.
Even the way
you touch my hand.
You have no idea.”

You have no idea,
the effect of your smile
on my sanity.

Primate hands

I want to share this amazing picture I found in a written documentary about evolutionary biology and primatology.

Reference: reportage Le Figaro Magazine, juillet 2014


The Urge To Burn

The Urge To Burn
Do you ever feel the urge
To burn yourself?
I do it all of the time
I imagine my sweet lover’s hand… 98 more words

Flames dancing lasciviously on the ashes of my perfection; ruthless carnage hungrily devouring my work.

I never held it dear, it never had an affectionate attachment.

93 more words

Nice Guy Dating Tips: 5 Ways Cuddling Becomes That Awkward Moment

Who doesn’t enjoy cuddling? I’ll be the first guy to admit it! I like cuddling and I’m not afraid to use the word either. It is time gentlemen for all of us to come on down from macho mountain and admit rainy day cuddles are not half bad. 444 more words