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Hand Care Routine for Dry Hands | Video

I am one to suffer really badly from dry hands especially during the colder months. So, over the years I managed to get a pretty solid hand care routine together which helps me deeply nourish my hands and nails so they are ready for any weather! 215 more words


Hand Care: Hand&Nail Cream

I am completely obsessed with nail polish, but I am bad at taking care of my hands and nails. I use nourishing base coats and oils to keep my nails in decent shape, but I tend to forgot hand cream. 167 more words


The Hand Held Empty

The fortune of the hermit seeking

Lies within the hands beseeching

Hands which hold the empty hole

The holy note of nothing

An airy space of soul… 65 more words


Hands of Hope

My boss gave me a task and 4 bottles of paint (excessive is an understatement), and approximately 2 hours later, I gave her this:

Jenny wanted our hostel guests to leave their somewhat tangible mark in the hostel. 234 more words


Tiger Paws

Every gymnast that has been in the game long enough knows that injuries are a part of the sport. In fact, most gymnasts have probably experienced more than one in different areas of their body. 213 more words


From Dawn to Dusk

Dawn 11.22.14

It’s that time of year that my sleep schedule gets all kinds of messed up. Of course, it didn’t help that last night David and I were playing video games into the wee hours of the morning, lol. 346 more words