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Weird Wool Wednesday: the real conclusion about the cuffs

Two days of knitting all these cuffs, trying them on for size, for looks. And what do I realize?

They are too scratchy to wear. 64 more words


Gradient Vest

It’s finally complete!

So, awhile back I found a vest pattern at a new local yarn shop. I purchased the pattern, and was tempted to purchase the yarn. 127 more words

Fiber Arts

Lupo the Lamb

My first ever “straight-from-the-lamb” project is done! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:

Seems a little silly that I did all that wool processing only to turn it back into a lamb. 308 more words


Up on my High Horse

A true story. I went to JoAnns Fabric on Friday to pick up a few little things and at the checkout the cashier asked me if I made my scarf. 74 more words


Handspun Hat

I picked up some fibre at the Weave Spin Dye Guild meeting a few weeks ago in This is Knit, and I’ve been working away on it ever since. 181 more words


How to Grow a Shawl, in 3 Easy Steps

1 – Get obsessed.

2 – Get very obsessed.

3 – Just get really, really super-obsessed.

And then it just grows! 13 more words